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Spirit World

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Alvarado on Stevenson

Carlos S. Alvarado, respected researcher into the 'survival of death' question, has posted a eulogy of sorts on the PF Lyceum blog for reincarnation (and paraps...
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Oprah Medium Well-Done

Apparently yesterday's instalment of Oprah concentrated on psychics and parapyschology. Interviewed on the show were psychic mediums John Edward and Allison Dub...
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Medium to Medium

'Psychic medium' Marcel Cairo now has his own blog, and he has just posted an interesting story about when he was 'read' by Crossing Over's John Edward. Marcel ...
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Zammit vs Prescott

Over the past week there has been a high-profile Internet stoush between two 'survival of death' commentators. Victor Zammit, a well-known defender of the possi...
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Scott Rogo Books

When I first began looking into Near Death Experience (NDE) research and related fields, every second journal article I seemed to come across was penned by a gu...
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Ghost Photo Contest

Have you ever captured what may be a unearthly spirit on a photo? The Debris Field, Scifi Channel and Ghost Hunters have teamed up to host the "Ghost Photo cont...
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IANDS 2006 Conference

The 2006 IANDS Conference (International Association for Near-Death Studies) has been announced, and will be held at the University of Texas from October 25th t...
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Death Books

Another two books that might be of interest to TDG readers are now available. Dr Gary Schwartz (The Afterlife Experiments) has released another book, this one t...