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Randi Gauntlet to Mediums

James ‘The Amazing’ Randi has thrown down the gauntlet to mediumship in his latest weekly newsletter. He leads off with a straight-out challenge to Dr Gary Schwartz regarding his ‘Afterlife Experiments’, proposing that Dr Schwartz challenge for his million-dollar prize. One has to wonder what sort of daft person would submit to the judgement of Ray Hyman and Michael Shermer though, considering their past records in ‘objective’ thinking.

Later in the newsletter, Randi also ridicules medium-du-jour Allison Dubois (she of the television show ‘Medium’). Responding to Dubois’ announcement that she is intentionally ignoring Randi, he describes Dubois as having “now scurried under that rock where John Edward, Uri Geller, Sylvia Browne, and the whole community of scared fakers are hiding.”

  1. Randi the fake
    Of course there are charlatans out there in the alternative community as in any other community.
    The problem is that when Randi becomes involved with writing them off as fakes they never lose the pollution his name brings.
    The biggest fake of all is Randi of course, because what he deems to be true over and over and over, he can never prove.
    So he resorts to the lowest ebb and criticises others.


    1. Lee I applaud you
      That has to be one of the best questions I have ever heard in my life.
      Well done Lee.
      Now who can answer it.
      I suppose because he would be accused of religious intolerance.
      In fact Lee, it has just occurred to me with your brilliant question, why has Randi always been silent on the sacrament of transubstantiation, the turning of bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ.
      When I was very small I got a slap upside the head from a nun for supposedly sucking too hard on the eucharist,as it was the true body of Christ.
      I was so revolted by the idea that I couldn’t get it down quickly enough.
      Now who is going to tackle Randi?


      1. Hitting on the Tolerant Guy
        The Ineffectual Randi is not going after too big a Fish (no matter how bad it smells).

        Like the schoolyard bully, Randi knows that things “spiritual and mediumistic” can’t be controlled. See Heisenberg. So he goes after those (like his Republican Beltching Brethren) who are principled and don’t normally ‘hit’ back. Those of us with the desire to be truely “Christian” (i.e. enlightened attitude towards others) usually get trounced by our lack of blood lust.

        And once again, no matter what evidence is presented–even Randi being shorn from his body, having a Near Death Experience and then coming back–would be shreded in the oven of “insufficient evidence.”

        In other words… It’s all bull shit. He knows it, and I’m sure that those around him know it too.

        Conscience has its price. Do not do unto others what would harm them.

        Unfortunately, neither Randi nor the Right (so-called “Christian”) Wing of politics have any such compunction.

          1. All Hail the New Empire

            Yes, take over the country and then the world. And then rant about “those damned liberals” not rolling over and playing dead. (And the mosh is in the works to fix that.)

            You talk of venom? Have you listened to your own kinds uncharatable rhetoric recently? Or are the Blind and Dumbya willing to forgive anything their “side” says until Jesus comes?

            Such God-Forsaken hypocrits. “Not Perfect, just Forgiven?” Are you Gods Own Intermediaries on Earth now?

            I shouldn’t even grace your (and Oscars) comments with one word. (Or are you and Oscar one and the same? Soiled your nest and taken a new name.)

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