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Author Ian Lawton (The Book of the Soul) has updated his website, with his plan to create a group of like-minded individuals willing to explore their spirituality objectively and on the basis of scientific evidence. Calling it the ‘Rational Spirituality Movement‘ (RSM), Ian is inviting people who share this view to join up:

With its over-riding message of personal empowerment with responsibility, and grounding in modern scientific evidence rather than belief or faith, the Rational Spirituality Movement has the potential to have a far-reaching impact on the future of humankind. It is far more a shared philosophy than a formalised religion, in that it places the responsibility on the individual to find their own answers when applying the basic spiritual framework of the movement to their lives.

The webpage has detailed information on the philosophical framework underpinning the RSM, so check it out if it sounds like your thang.