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Spirit World

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PsyPioneer June 2005

The June issue of the PsyPioneer Newsletter is now available online (in PDF format). The newsletter is devoted to reviewing the pioneers of spiritual research, ...
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Death Things

I've updated the 'Cool Things' sidebox (over on the right hand side of the page) with a few new books worthy of your attention - if you don't already have them ...
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Dr Schwartz Replies

As I mentioned earlier in the week, high-profile 'skeptic' James "The Amazing" Randi served it up in his most recent newsletter to Dr Gary Schwartz and the medi...
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Medium Profile

The Sydney Morning Herald has an interesting story on medium Allison Dubois (you may need to register for free) and the origin of the television series based on...
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TV Revelations

Readers in the U.S. may be interested in checking out the NBC mini-series "Revelations", which begins tonight: From executive producer Gavin Polone ("Panic R...
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Lawton Review

As per usual for Friday, I've added a new feature article to the site - this week's addition is a review of Ian Lawton's The Book of the Soul. The book focuses ...