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Grosso Point Blank

I’m pleased to offer our very first guest editorial on the ‘new’ site for your reading pleasure: “A Good Death“, by Michael Grosso PhD. In all my reading over the years, few writer/researchers have impressed me as much as Michael Grosso. Michael currently teaches philosophy at the University of Virginia, and is the author of Experiencing the Next World Now (available from Amazon US and UK), a book examining the evidence for the survival of consciousness, and also methods for experiencing the ‘afterlife’ while alive.

A Good Death” examines the point of dying and how our modern conception of this experience may need reassessing. Michael also invites readers to share their own stories on the topic, via the comments section after the article. More information about Michael Grosso, as well as more writings on parapsychology, consciousness and near-death experiences (NDEs), can be obtained from his personal website.

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