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Earlier today I posted a story regarding a Skeptical Inquirer article on the Near-Death Experience (NDE). Currently compiling research notes on related subjects (NDE, mediumistic communications etc), I thought I’d make a few comments about the ‘explanation’ offered, and point out the blinkered skeptical approach in the article considering the ‘case study’ that was used had far more interesting aspects to it. You can read this article, titled “Blinded by the Light“, in the ‘Essays’ section of the site. Comments welcomed.

  1. Blinkered Skeptical Approach
    Dear Greg, You hit the nail squarely on the head. But, at least the topic is now being researched with a far deeper scrutiny than has been in the past. As science delves farther into the irrefutable facts, even greater discoveries will be compiled. Charles Tart went so far as to steer students away from the field because he knew, the disappointing fact of the matter was (and still is in many circles), that it was a thankless task where there was little or no funding. A lot has changed in the past thirty years, thank goodness! Yet there is so much farther to go. It will be up to this and future generations to diligently continue on in this awesome endeavor. Thank you for a fine article and the excellent points that you made. Please, do keep up the good work for we are all the better for it. Given time, we will all know the absolute truth of the matter. My hope is that this field of study will gain a broader acceptance and no longer relegated to only a few institutions of higher learning where lone, persistent, dogged and tough doctors plug away at the fore front. They have cut a swath through the morass of skepticism and doubt. Some, not as stellar as others but every little bit counts. Sincerely, Pam Truth is stranger than fiction.

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