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TV Revelations

Readers in the U.S. may be interested in checking out the NBC mini-series “Revelations“, which begins tonight:

From executive producer Gavin Polone (“Panic Room”) and writer/creator David Seltzer (“The Omen”) comes “Revelations,” a six-hour event series starring Bill Pullman (“Independence Day”) as Harvard professor Dr. Richard Massey, an astrophysicist who is certain that all worldly events can be explained by science. After a strange course of events, Massey is challenged by a nun, Sister Josepha Montafiore (Natascha McElhone, “Solaris”), who leads him on a journey through the unfamiliar world of faith. Drawn together by personal tragedy, these unlikely partners — one who worships God and one who worships science — are propelled into a deepening mystery, finding evidence that the world, as predicted by The Book of Revelation, has reached The End of Days.

Previews of the series have had mixed comments: Phenomena Magazine gave it a positive review, while this ‘apocalypse expert’ (a Biblical literalist) took issue with deviations from the Bible, but still said it was well-produced. Thanks Kat.

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