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Death Things

I’ve updated the ‘Cool Things’ sidebox (over on the right hand side of the page) with a few new books worthy of your attention – if you don’t already have them in your collection. Considering the recent comments from James Randi regarding the ‘Afterlife Experiments’ conducted by Dr Gary Schwartz (see Dr Schwartz’s response here), I thought it might be topical to survey some of the literature on the evidence for survival of death.

I’ve selected three books, one from each major ‘strand’ of research. The Afterlife Experiments is the story of Dr Schwartz’s research into the abilities of ‘mediums’ like John Edward. The evidence for reincarnation is presented in Tom Schroder’s Old Souls, a narrative in which he accompanies Dr Ian Stevenson on his many global journeys seeking children with memories of past lives. And to finish, the all-time classic on Near Death Experiences by Raymond Moody, Life After Life – which first brought the NDE into the public consciousness in the 1970s…definitely a book everyone should have. Links are provided to Amazon in the US and UK for each book – buying through these links helps purchase gifts for our hard-working news admins (as does using the booksearch feature we have here on site).

  1. Dying like a political debate ?
    The reports I hear of what people from the other side tell us typically present the deceased persons having the same personality as when they were with us. This seems peculiar, one would think that such a drastic change in circumstance would affect ones outlook. Similar to those political debates, where people keep their conclusions no matter what evidence you give them.

    Perhaps the communication is across time, rather than from our world and the next. Perhaps the motion of time is not what we assume – I have read that many aspects of physics don’t require time to flow in one direction. But certainly, after going this deep, I need some sleep now. Hope I wake up here.

    1. The memory of the soul
      If one looks at the soul as mainly being memorial in nature, this is not so surprising then. The soul being isolated from its creative driving source, the spirit, it gets caught in contemplation with the imprint of its experience.

      Time in the world of the dead would be equivalent to distance in the world of the reincarnated. Time would be a factor of perception that is particular to a plane of experience or a plane of reality.

  2. Thanks Greg
    That’s beaut.

    I saw a program I think on The History Channel the other night called Beyond Death.
    It was a 2 hour program and I am sure will be repeated in May.
    They covered pretty well all aspects of life after death from OBEs to re-incarnation and there was stuff I had not seen before.

    A pediatrician in Seattle decided after interviewing 150 children who had survived heart failure that we are awake and aware as we cross from life to death.
    That we know exactly what is going on and that we can see it all happening…that some people have a choice of whether to leave or not.

    On re-incarnation it appears to me from what I saw and have read that it only occurs when a person dies a violent death.All the people interviewed for this segment who believed or were believed to have been re-incarnated had a scar or birth-mark in the exact position that the fatal injury was received by the one re-incarnated.
    A child who was believed to be the re-incarnation of a woman hacked with a knife was born with missing fingers where the murdered woman had lost her fingers.

    I found it all quite convincing, and I was not a believer in re-incarnation until I read Ian Stevenson’s book.
    I need though to believe that re-incarnation only occurs in the case of violent and sudden death.

    Anyone who has read Norman Mailer’s Ancient Evenings will know that the Egyptians believed that re-incarnation occurred if a man died at the moment of ejaculation during intercourse and a baby was conceived at that precise moment.

    Whatever.I think it is possible.
    I missed a lot of the program as I cannot see it very well and The Parrot was screaming so if anyone knows when it is on again, I would appreciate knowing.


    1. Parrot screaming
      I remember seeing something on the TV once about a dead parrot…..

      …he’d gone to meet his maker. Passed on. Gone over to the other side.

      …ring any bells?


      1. pining for the fjords?
        Is that the one X?

        The late parrot, the former parrot.

        Yes I know it.

        Fortunately my parrot doesn’t.
        He ate all the onion off my pizza tonight.I suppose he’ll fart all day tomorrow, just like normal.


      2. I am in particular agreement
        I am in particular agreement with earthling. There is obviously something odd going on, but perhaps it is more to do with psychic connection ‘through’ time rather than ‘basic’ reincarnation. After many years of indifference with this subject, I am slowly becoming more open minded. However, I am puzzled by certain ‘laws’ of reincarnation. I’m bemused by the fact that it only seems to be exclusive to this planet.
        To my admittedly limited knowledge, I have not heard of any accounts of people remembering past lives on other worlds? This could mean a few things; 1. This one planet is home to the only creatures in the entire universe. 2. Reincarnation is limited to Earth 3. It is more akin to two ‘souls’ connecting outside of our normal understanding of time and accessing some form of universal conciousness 4. It is an abstract illusion created by conciousness as a coping mechanism for the inevitable and absolute end?
        Any thoghts from the good good peple at TDG would be most welcome as I will probably be wrestling with this one for many years to come!


        1. Reincarnation on other worlds
          There are other possibilities you might consider

          Souls can start their progress as they are created or infused on a first material world. They may not go to a more evolved world until they have attained a certain level of maturity.

          Souls that have a particular mandate for a particular initiation may go to another world with specific conditions and within a particular context to attain a new universal status. These would be fewer by far on a given world in general, especially an experimental planet, and would not reincarnate at the same frequency, always waiting for the appropriate time that is in line with their specific experiential plan.

          Furthermore, the soul may not have consciousness of past lives so easily, being in contemplation with its current state and always looking to amplify the current experimental factors thus increasing the amplitude of the impression of the current life plan. Past memories would then be archived within layers not accessible at the egoic level, which would both protect the ego and force him to work with the current plan and not with a past one, which has already used up its purpose. The ego is thus protected against the backlash of past experiences that would traumatize him, like war veterans may be traumatized with the experience of a single life.

          I do not believe that universal consciousness is available in death; on the contrary, the soul is then severed from its universal link, the spirit, which allows the thought process to happen. Rather, I see the soul in perpetual contemplation over its memory, making it continue to rehash its last reincarnation experience while a new life plan is being studied.

    2. Reincarnation
      Shadows, your idea is interesting, although there is other research going on to suggest that it is not just violent death that qualifies one for reincarnation.

      The biggest stumbling block to reincarnations logic is the mathematics. I have sat with an almanac, encyclopedia, and the internet, collecting world population data, trying to figure out how 6 billion people on the earth today could all have had past lives. It does not figure, not by a long shot. The population of the earth for many hundreds of thousands of years was less than a hundred million.

      Even taking into account all the dubious fringe ideas about it (everybody is comming back now to witness some sort of big “earth changes ascension shebang”, some are from other planets, some haven’t been here in a while, blah blah) it STILL does not make mathematical sense. Not even close.

      6 billion is a hell of a lot of souls. About 60 times more than makes logical sense, if we all have had past lives. Only when one gets out their calculator and patiently goes through the numbers do they see just how implausible it really is.

      Reincarnation happens, the evidence convinces me, but it is not a fact for everybody on the planet. I guess that most people have not had an opportunity to reincarnate, as there has been no where near enough bodies. Thus, they are here for the first time. Why not? If reincarnation is a fact, then everybody must have had their own “first time” at some point in time, so why not this time?

      Unless there is some mechanism whereby souls split apart, and the one soul back then has now given birth to several souls here now. (?)
      That is what the Balinese believe, here where I live. I am not sure.

      1. I have to go with the violence
        Hi Dash,

        For some reason it only makes sense to me if re-incarnation occurs after a violent death.
        There is a life unfinished.
        And the soul needs somewhere to go.
        Voila! It enters the first body waiting for a soul at comception.

        The Eastern religions have a very good outlook on this sort of thing.
        The TV program mentioned the Tibetan Book of the Dead of which I have seen a video where the shamans instruct the soul on it’s course after the body is dead.

        Do you know anything about this?
        It is a long time since I saw the video and don’t remember much.


      2. Reincarnation
        The mathematics is against reincarnation only if you consider humans. The objection is overcome if you consider that most people could have had previous lives as animals.

        1. The age of the soul
          Simpler still, souls are created entities and not all have the same age. Furthermore, souls may migrate from world to world, especially attracted at the end of cycles, where the experience has the most impact.

          I personally do not believe that a human soul is the product of the mutation of an animal soul into a more evolved form or energy. I rather see the soul being the product of the seeding of the Astral with a part of a spirit energy that lies outside of space, time and matter. As a vehicle that accumulates experience which is used to strengthen its ability to vibrate at consistently higher levels.

          I do not see that man’s soul ever was animal anymore that I see ‘man’ having been a monkey. Animal bodies may have been used and mutated to create a proper vessel but that would be another story.

      3. number of people
        I saw a calculation, not long ago, that estimated the total number of people over the last 50,000 years (or maybe 100,000) at about 106 billion (american). I have to look for the link again.
        [ok i found the link

        The number is a little counter-intuitive, it seems larger than you would expect, but apparantly this comes form the high infant mortality over most of our history. Many many people had really short lives. To be somewhat sarcastic, maybe that explains why most of us don’t remember past lives.

  3. Berlusconi resigns
    Sorry to drag this momentarily off topic, but did I see on the news the other night that Silvio Berlusconi, Italian PM, resigned? Or did I dream the whole thing?

    I’ve just read an article about him trying to “reform his government” ready for a vote of confidence; but that vote doesn’t occur until tomorrow (Thursday 28th April). I’m sure I saw a brief news article on the TV saying that he’d resigned after receiving a vote of no confidence from his government.



    1. Berlusconi
      I thought I heard that too. It was the tail end of a BBCWorld report. The US media is downplaying Italian politics at the moment. Italy is all riled up over the killing of Nicola Kalipari in Iraq and the obvious lies that the US administration is spinning over the incident. If he hasn’t resigned, he probably soon will.

      1. berlusconi
        Berlusconi resigned last week, and his successor then was Berlusconi. Business as usual in Italy, in industry it is called “restructuring”.

        I don’t know about the shooting, I wasn’t anywhere near there, but of course we have the usual complaint that somebody must be punished, and many people don’t care who.

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