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I’ve updated the ‘Cool Things’ sidebox (over on the right hand side of the page) with a few new books worthy of your attention – if you don’t already have them in your collection. Considering the recent comments from James Randi regarding the ‘Afterlife Experiments’ conducted by Dr Gary Schwartz (see Dr Schwartz’s response here), I thought it might be topical to survey some of the literature on the evidence for survival of death.

I’ve selected three books, one from each major ‘strand’ of research. The Afterlife Experiments is the story of Dr Schwartz’s research into the abilities of ‘mediums’ like John Edward. The evidence for reincarnation is presented in Tom Schroder’s Old Souls, a narrative in which he accompanies Dr Ian Stevenson on his many global journeys seeking children with memories of past lives. And to finish, the all-time classic on Near Death Experiences by Raymond Moody, Life After Life – which first brought the NDE into the public consciousness in the 1970s…definitely a book everyone should have. Links are provided to Amazon in the US and UK for each book – buying through these links helps purchase gifts for our hard-working news admins (as does using the booksearch feature we have here on site).