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Mind Mysteries

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Savant Talking

The UK's Guardian has a fascinating story about Daniel Tammet, an autistic savant who is causing excitement in the scientific community because of his ability t...
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Future Listening

Worth checking out: the Future Hi website, which has some excellent news and commentary on the subjects we always discuss, has a bucketload of brilliant audio f...
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Global Consciousness

As mentioned in Rico's news update yesterday, the Global Consciousness Project has 'reared its head' again with the announcement of more anomalous results at th...
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Penrose on TOE

Stuart Hameroff's "Quantum Consciousness" website has been updated with a new addition from Sir Roger Penrose. This short piece is from an article in the Januar...
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Debating Consciousness

There is a very interesting intellectual debate currently taking place in the pages of Science and Consciousness Review, between 'quantum consciousness' propone...
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Sheldrake and Weil

The website of biologist Dr Rupert Sheldrake has been updated with the addition of some audio. The new content is a dialogue between Sheldrake and Dr Andrew Wei...