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Debating Consciousness

There is a very interesting intellectual debate currently taking place in the pages of Science and Consciousness Review, between ‘quantum consciousness’ proponent Stuart Hameroff and respected researcher Christof Koch. The debate began with Hameroff’s review of Koch’s book The Quest for Consciousness. In the latest issue of SCR, Koch (who is on the editorial board of the journal) returned serve to Hameroff’s criticisms and asked searching questions regarding his views on consciousness. Hameroff has now continued the debate by replying to Koch’s article, and though it is not yet published in SCR, Hameroff has presented it (with the preceding ‘debate’ items) on his website.

It is certainly not light reading (I’ve been over it a few times, and I’m still struggling), but it really is a fascinating inside look at the research and theories into perhaps the greatest mystery we face – the source of consciousness in humans. A stimulating debate.

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