40th Parapsychology Conference

Those within travelling distance of Virginia in the United States may be interested in the 40th Parapsychology Foundation International Conference, being held in Charlottesville this weekend. The theme of this year’s conference is “The Study of Mediumship: Interdisciplinary Perspectives”, and will feature a host of speakers including Dr Michael Grosso, Dr Gary Schwartz and Dr Carlos S. Alvarado.

Full details are available at the website link above, including abstracts and the speaking schedule for the weekend. Be warned: tickets will not be available at the door, so if you are interested in going then book your attendance in advance.

  1. James Randi: Math Wiz
    As the following snippet shows, Jimmy the Shriek can’t even perform
    simple mathematics. So how much spit and polish do you think we aught
    to give his many rantings and ravings and diatribes, oh my? That was
    one o’ them high-faluttin’ rhetorical questions in case you-all wasn’t
    payin’ close enuf attention. But you can always Divide by Zero and you
    have the Answer du Jour. Mebbe Little Jimmy was absent from school the
    day they taught dividin’ and cipherin’ and such. Anyways, here’s the
    data, and with my above clue, I’ll let you figure out the answer fer
    yer own selfs. If’n yer able. And try not to *laffz* too hard at Poor
    Jimmy…. he’s only almost human, after all. ;o)


    A transcript of the information Dubois got during the reading –
    supposedly from the dead husband – was sent to his wife in England,
    who scored it as 73 percent accurate. “That’s extraordinarily high
    accuracy, and Allison always scored in the near-80 percent range,”
    Schwartz said. “That clearly puts her among the best of the best.”

    Really? Well, I’m willing to accept that figure, Dr. Schwartz, but I
    have an observation: the reading must have run on forever, for there
    had to be at least 100 data-points given by Dubois in order to provide
    an accuracy of 73 percent,


    Full Disclosure at this web address:



    NOTE: Anti-Randi posts MUST be accompanied by this disclaimer.

    1. hafta agree
      I have to agree with you Bluewolf, mathematics is only one of the things that Randi cannot do.
      For a start he is not a thinker.If he was a thinker he may decide that what he is doing is not good for his soul.
      I agree that there are some swifties being pulled out there by people who target idiots who are yearning to part with their money.
      But on the whole that is not so.
      Because Randi has made a career out of this sort of thing he must stick to his trade, regardless of whatever proof is offered to him or what ideas are proposed.
      Randi never looks at both sides, he just says that there has been no precedent for this type of thing to his knowledge so it cannot possibly exist.
      I know a woman who can touch a CD and whatever is on it is deleted.
      She has lights turning themselves on and off as she walks around her office.
      Randi would say this is a joke but it is true and all the people who work with her know it is true.
      Anyway we don’t need him to think for us,we can do that ourselves.


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