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Field Conference

For those in the London area with a free weekend, there is an awesome line-up of speakers this Saturday and Sunday at the “Living the Field” conference at Logan Hall:

  • Edgar Mitchell, Apollo astronaut and founder of IONS.
  • Dr Raymond Moody, celebrated author of Life After Life and world expert on near death experiences (NDE)

  • Dr Karl Pribram, the famed neurosurgeon and developer of the holographic theory of the brain and consciousness
  • Prof Stanley Krippner, one of the foremost researchers into ESP and other parapsychological phenomenon
  • Cleveland Backster, whose 40-year studies show that plants and the rest of our ‘ecosystem’ is tuned to our very thoughts
  • Joe McMoneagle, one of the world¹s most well known and gifted remote viewers, first recruited by the notorious ‘Stargate’ project.

That’s a hell of a line-up, just one more of those times where I wish I lived in the UK. If anybody is lucky enough to attend, why not write us a report.

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