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Debating Parapsychology

The website for Psychology Today has freely released an article from the July/August 2000 issue, titled “Is There a Sixth Sense?“. The article is a piece written by Dean Radin, author of the brilliant book The Conscious Universe (Amazon US and UK), which is also replied to by noted skeptic/cynic Ray Hyman. Radin focuses mainly on his precognition experiments in the essay – I recommend a read as it’s two of the ‘heavyweights’ of parapsychology research and the skeptical community head-to-head.

  1. Conscious universe
    Our Sixth Sense definitely exists, I have no doubts whatsoever. Animals have it, so it stands to reason we have it too.

    One example I can offer readers involves me walking down Swanston St Melbourne. All of my friends were overseas this year, so I was alone most of my time outside of work (I lived by myself). I was going to travel the usual route home, but all of a sudden I had a tingling thought that if I went down Swanston St, I’d bump into someone I know. Well, I did, one minute later! An old friend I hadn’t seen in years. This synchronicity has happened to me a few times, especially involving telephone calls — I sometimes get the sense that someone is about to call me, and viola!, within a minute they do. Bizarre.

    We live in a conscious universe. There’s particulate matter researched in recent years that can communicate with each other over distances of thousands of miles (Philip Pullman used this theory in “His Dark Materials” series of books). Perhaps on a subconscious level, we are manipulating this matter — the honest psychics and remote viewers can do it consciously. This may explain time travel experiences — matter doesn’t age (I think), or it’s around for millions of years, and if it has some sort of consciousness, then it also has memory. Jung and Joseph Campbell may have been onto something.

    Food for thought, thanks Greg, I forgot how starving i had been! 😉


    1. no sense
      i do not want to sound if i am making fun of your comments but may i please mention something that i think is happening.
      your memorys in your mind are like programmes in a computer hard drive.
      you access them when you need to draw from memory events and other things you wish to remember.
      now then keeping this in mind so to speak,their is one huge flaw with the human mind it can compleatly rewrite its own memory without the user namely you ever knowing.
      their fore your wish that you have had a sixth sense may have been rewritten by your mind after the event has happened because you want it to be that way.
      as they say wishfull thinking sometimes can come true.

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