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The Telepathy Debate

Earlier this year there was a bit of a clash of the titans in science. Professor Lewis Wolpert and Dr. Rupert Sheldrake took each other on over the reality of telepathy.

Wolpert puts forward an erudite, though rather standard, brush off of the phenomenon, and in reply Sheldrake presents a cursory and occasionally hilarious response. To listen to the debate click here. You’ll need Real Player. For those that prefer reading, a transcript can be found here.

Supplementary materials which aid listening to the debate include the dog that either did or did not know when his owner was coming home depending on who you talk to, and a parrot after Hugh Heffner’s heart.

  1. Wesley Clark FTL travel
    I have spoken at length with a friend of mine regarding the E=mc2 issue. To understand Clarks statement you need to understand why Enstien used the speed of light as a constant in determining the relationship of energy to mass. Simply put he needed a universial constant that was believed not to be effected by the gravitional wells; hence “c”. A problem arises when one applies current understanding of sub-atomic structure of photons to the theroies. The models are flawed. Mr. E would have no doubt recognized this now and have corrected the effects, but the rest of us with our linar resoning get lost. Also threatened are Hubbles expanding unverse theory. FTL is not the issue, nor is the math- if they use the latest models of vector math (makes it easier to make sense of it), its secertcy and the failings of Acadeamia.

    -nuff said
    hope u could follow my rant with its spelling and grammar


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