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From UFOs to Lost Civilizations: The 150 Most Fascinating Stories of 2022

Another year is about to pass, but before we do it would be remiss if we didn’t take a look back at the news stories that fascinated us here at the Grail in 2022. We’ve posted links to over 3000 stories in our daily news briefs updates over the course of the year – but we’ve sorted through them all to bring you what we think are the 150 most interesting, odd and/or mind-blowing news items of 2022.

Note that these are pretty much restricted to Daily Grail news fare: cutting-edge science, new discoveries about history, general weirdness and Forteana, new ways of seeing the world around us etc. – you won’t be getting financial or political news stories unless they are in some way relevant to the categories we usually cover. We’ve gone with 15 different categories that seemed to best cover the types of fascinating stories that turned up regularly (with 10 items in each, making 150 stories all up): Space, Alien-hunting, UFOs/UAP, Science, Technology, Environment, Life on Earth, Animal Cognition, Ancient Sites, Pre-history, History, Weird/Forteana, Mind Mysteries and Parapsychology, Psychedelics, and Conspiracy.

Also: it was a very tough job to cut the lists down to just 10 in each category – we had to leave out some absolutely bonkers stories from our first collection, sadly. As such, we’ve posted our first, uncut draft to our Patreon, for those that would like to see what we left out (and judge us unmercilessly for what you might think are any incorrect decisions in what we cut versus what we left in)!

Thanks to all our readers for your support over 2022, and all the best to everyone for an excellent 2023! We’re an independent website, so if you like what we do, please consider helping us continue for the next year by signing up for a $US1/month (or more) ‘voluntary subscription’ via our Patreon (you get a free ebook for your trouble!) to help pay for our time and effort – or you can give a one-off donation easily at

Without further ado: the 150 most fascinating stories posted on the Grail in 2022:







Life on Earth

Animal cognition

Ancient sites




Mind mysteries and parapsychology



Phew, you made it! We hope you enjoyed this list of the 150 most fascinating stories of 2022 – we’ll of course be continuing to post daily news briefs throughout 2023, so be sure to bookmark the Grail and check back often.

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