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Air Lasagna

In my daily travels gathering interesting content from across the internet for The Daily Grail, I often come across cool and interesting stuff that doesn't real...
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Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to all readers of The Daily Grail! As is usual at this time of year, we'll all be taking a bit of a break and recharging the batteries while inte...
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Mysterious Universe

I just added a new advertising banner to the top of the page, which links to the Mysterious Universe website. Seeing as (a) I already visit MU regularly and enj...
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The Twitter Grail

Just in case you didn't know, you can follow the Daily Grail on Twitter as well - I post interesting news as I find it, opinion, and updates on the site and upc...
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It’s Just a Ride

There were few more inspirational speakers than the late Bill Hicks. So I really enjoyed seeing this video of 'kinetic typography', which works brilliantly when...
Tom Taylor

Goodbye Dad

Farewell Thomas Alexander Taylor, I could not have wished for a better father and role model. I will miss you terribly. ...