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The Gralien Report is the website of my friend & colleague Micah ‘The Mouth of the South’ Hanks. Every week he, his brother Caleb & their friend Tyler make a freely available podcast which I highly recommend.

Well, as we here @ TDG are more than aware of, running a website is not easy nor cheap, and even though people have become accustomed to instant-free online gratification nowadays, it’s hard to remember that the folks providing us with all this cool content live a normal life on Meatspace, where they have the same needs as we do –like eating, for instance…

Micah has just informed me the GR website suffered a massive malware attack were in the process of suffering a malware attack, which required a great deal of cash to fix avert and keep the page up & running [Micah wants you to know that it’s perfectly safe to visit the page]. So he & I am soliciting donations to keep the Gralien in the black –or should that be in the green?

Anything you can spare will be greatly appreciated, and will ensure that the lil green guy continue doing his job with a smile on his face.