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A Pause on the Solstice

Happy solstice to all readers, whether summer or winter! I hope 2013 has treated you well, or if it hasn’t, that you are climbing back towards a better place. I’d like to thank each and every one of you Grailers out there for your ongoing help, support and patronage over the past year, and wish you a safe and happy holiday period!

As internet traffic tends to drop off significantly during this time of year, we here at the Daily Grail tend to take some time away from the keyboard to recharge our batteries, so you’ll find that posts will be sparse for the next week or two (you may have noticed it already happening, as I’m spending some time with my family this week). We’ll be back soon enough though, so check in occasionally from a week or so and you’ll soon find us cranking things up as we move into 2014. In the meantime, feel free to continue discussing Grail topics in the comments section or on your personal blog – I’m sure there will still be enough readers around to keep the discussion flowing!

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We also now have seven volumes of our Fortean anthology series Darklore available:

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In the New Year I’m hoping to update the look and feel of the site, making it more modern (e.g. better compatibility with mobile devices) and also ramping up the amount of content on the site to give you even more daily reading on these fascinating topics.

For now though, happy holidays to you all, and best wishes for a truly outstanding 2014!

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