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Help My Sis Out

Update: The voting has now closed, big thanks to all who added to the total - y'all rock! ------------ A quick off-topic post hoping to call on the power ...
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Site Changes 11-10-2010

A quick note regarding some changes I've made here on TDG: Firstly, on the frontpage I've swapped the expert blogs and the focus story positions, as the focus s...
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Independence – 2010

A couple of years ago I put in a (slightly desperate) call for 'voluntary subscriptions' to The Daily Grail to help keep the site running smoothly, and allow fo...
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Rock the Zorgys

Some quick site news worth noting: The Daily Grail has once again been nominated for a Zorgy Award, in the "Best Paranormal News Service" category. If you ...
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Christmas Break

It's that time of year again, when all sorts of festivities abound, and web traffic dies to a trickle. Each year here at TDG we take advantage of that by easing...