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Condor Man: Wingsuit Precision Flight Over a Chilean Volcano

I’d love to visit Chile one day. They have the famous Easter island full of moais, great wine, beautiful women, and due to its special orography tourists can either go skying in the Andean mountains or surf in the Pacific ocean. Or, if they have cojones as big as Sebastián Alvarez, attempt to hit a small target –a styrofoam sheet painted as the Chilean flag– while flying at over 150 miles per hour using a wingsuit.

His latest stunt was performed on top of Cerro Manquehue, an extinct volcano which is also the highest peak of the Santiago valley –Manquehue means “place of condors” in the native Mapuche language. I just hope he didn’t get fined for littering such a beautiful place…

Now THIS is the kind of thing I’d love to experience on an Oculus Rift –while wearing an adult diaper, of course.

[H/T Geekologie]

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