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With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s worth reminding readers that if you’re searching for a last-minute Xmas gift, or are just looking for something to feed your brain on during the silly season, it might be worth considering a book from Daily Grail Publishing. Not only are they chock-full of Graily goodness, but each sale helps keep this site running as well as supporting the various authors and researchers whose work is featured in each. First, our stand-alone books on topics from shamanism to UFOs, lucid dreaming and the afterlife:

We also now have seven volumes of our Fortean anthology series Darklore available:

Darklore Volumes 1 to 7

Or, if you’ve been entertained and/or educated by The Daily Grail over the course of the year, we do welcome any help via a ‘voluntary subscription’ – a donation by any other name (PayPal won’t let me use the ‘Donate’ option). Simply choose the ‘subscription’ level that matches the value you think you got out of the site in the past 12 months of posts! You can contribute via PayPal or credit card using the button below – we thank you sincerely for your support:

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Thanks to all the Grailers out there for your ongoing help, support and patronage over the past year – we hope you have a safe and happy holiday period!