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2022 Xmas Reading: Grab yourself a book from Daily Grail Publishing!

Halloween is done and dusted for another year, and that of course means that if you’re on the lookout for some good reading for yourself or loved ones over the Christmas break, you should get your book orders in now to beat the usual holiday shipping delays.

If topics at the fringes of science and history are your go to reading material, why not grab one a book from Daily Grail Publishing! Not only are they chock-full of Graily goodness, in which you’ll find brilliant writing from the likes of Jacques Vallee, Paul Devereux and many others, but each sale helps keep this site running (as well as supporting the authors of each book, obviously).

First, if you really want to treat yourself to a collectable, don’t look any further than our special 50th anniversary edition of Jacques Vallee’s UFO classic Passport to Magonia, which is a limited edition with numbered bookplate signed by Jacques himself:

(Note: this book is shipped from Australia, so you really need to get in quickly if you want it before Xmas.)

And here’s the full list of our books – on topics ranging from UFOs to ancient sacred sites, shamanism, lucid dreaming and the afterlife – that are available from the various Amazon outlets around the world, as well as nearly all other online booksellers:

Some fascinating books in there that would look great on anyone’s bookshelf – we appreciate your support!

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