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Speculative Fiction

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Pottermore Revealed

The internets - and in particular Harry Potter fans - have been in a tizzy for the past week with the impending release of a secret project from author J.K. Row...
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Air Dancing

Hey future, forget my jetpack. This will do me just fine... As if the dancing wasn't cool enough, the 'dismount' could keep a side of meat chilled for a ...
'The Guardians of Tanmaugh' by GrudgeTV

Fractal Science Fiction

I have in the past linked to some wonderful videos taking you inside 3D fractal shapes (see "Cube of the Machine Elves" and "Navigating R'lyeh"). I've commented...
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Cthulhu’s Cthildren

What do you get when you tell kids a bunch of Lovecraft stories, then ask them to draw the monsters described within? Wonder no longer, as Comics Alliance has a...