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Over time I’ve had a number of requests from Grailers that we add a section to the site where they can contribute short sci-fi stories and the like (and of course, read others’ work). This sounds like a great idea to me – a natural addition to the Grail’s oeuvre – so I’m more than willing to set it up if there’s enough interest out there. Before doing so, the question I’d like to ask is: should this section be dedicated to short science fiction stories, or would it be better if it was wider in scope – a ‘Creative Corner’ so to speak, where members can post not only short sci-fi stories, but also fantasy, alternative history, as well as poetry? And is a ‘Title’ and ‘Content’ all that is needed, or are there additional input fields which should be included (copyright, original author, etc)?

Please post your thoughts if the above is of interest.