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A Creative Corner for TDG?

Over time I’ve had a number of requests from Grailers that we add a section to the site where they can contribute short sci-fi stories and the like (and of course, read others’ work). This sounds like a great idea to me – a natural addition to the Grail’s oeuvre – so I’m more than willing to set it up if there’s enough interest out there. Before doing so, the question I’d like to ask is: should this section be dedicated to short science fiction stories, or would it be better if it was wider in scope – a ‘Creative Corner’ so to speak, where members can post not only short sci-fi stories, but also fantasy, alternative history, as well as poetry? And is a ‘Title’ and ‘Content’ all that is needed, or are there additional input fields which should be included (copyright, original author, etc)?

Please post your thoughts if the above is of interest.

  1. licensing
    Not that I plan on contributing myself, but you probably want to have a default licensing agreement. There are a bunch of them, Creative Commons, GNU (although that’s more for technical documentation), and more. I don’t know which is the best, but it’s better to have one as a starting point at least.

  2. Creative Corner for TDG
    Yes, original metaphysical or mystical poetry would fit well along with sci-fi, fantasy, alternative history. These are, after all, authentic forms of gnosis along with the traditional forms of left-brain learning, history, research, etc.. Thanks for your good work!

  3. I think its a great idea. I
    I think its a great idea. I would also like to see something similar for art work related to the themes and subjects the grail explores, as I and a few artists I know would be willing to post some works. Just another thing to go under the ‘Creative Corner’

    1. Thou art right
      [quote=evolvingeye]I would also like to see something similar for art work related to the themes and subjects the grail explores, as I and a few artists I know would be willing to post some works. Just another thing to go under the ‘Creative Corner'[/quote]

      Yeah, that’s a good point. Though image presentation comes with a few more challenges than just posting text. But definitely something I’ll be working towards. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Oh Yes…….
    I have some stuff I’d be willing to post for review or just for folk’s enjoyment. That’s presumptuous of me, I know, but what the heck. Nobody ever got ahead in the arts without an ego, eh? 😉

    Would historical fiction be acceptable?

    1. Historical Fiction definitely acceptable
      Any particularly era you focus on, Gwedd? I’ve been meaning to read Tim Severin‘s Viking, but just have too many books ahead in the queue & piled up in strategic places around the house. I liked Eliot Pattison‘s The Bone Rattler a lot; what’s not to like about Scottish Highlanders & Iroquois performing wardances together? Christian Jacq’s ancient Egypt novels are on my to-read list too.

      Can epics like the Ramayana be considered ‘historical fiction’? 😉

  5. Copyright And You
    If you’re worried about people pinching your story and making millions from it, here’s a brief on copyright and how it works on the internet.

    Anything you post will be copyrighted to you, under the Berne Copyright Convention (covering most countries). You don’t need to have a copyright notice for your work to be legally protected as your intellectual property. Anything you post to TDG’s Creative Corner is legally yours, and if someone plagiarises your work, you can sue (the plagiarist, not Greg!).

    You can register your work with the Copyright Office in your country if you wish; it’s not necessary, but it will give you extra ammo in a lawsuit. I recommend it if you’re trying to get your work published.

    If you’re still worried about being ripped off, you can cover your rear with Copyright Your Name 2010. Alternatively, you can use © instead of ‘copyright’, either © Your Name 2010 or Copyright © Your Name 2010. However, a (C) with brackets isn’t a legally recognised copyright notice, so don’t use that (I found this out the hard way many years ago).

    If you’re still paranoid some lowlife scum will pinch your brilliant idea for a scifi novel and make millions from it, then take the easiest option — don’t post it on the internet at all. 😉

  6. Great idea
    It would be good if this new section covered as wide a range of options as possible so that there would be ‘something for everyone’ posted there. I look forward to its genesis!

    Regards, Kathrinn

  7. Creative Corner
    I have been a TDGer since the beginning! (Though my log in info was missing and I had to re-register today. I never really have been compelled to post much, so there was no need to login. But I now see what I have been missing by not doing so.) I would think a broad format would be much more useful, with the same content categories that TDG uses now. Just add member’s content to the categories.

    And those concerns about copyright are important, as I am in research for a book, and possibly submissions to TDG and/or Atlantis Rising someday, so it’s important.

  8. Creative corner
    Well for me, this has to start with Sci-Fi or fantasy, given that these are mainstream genres, of which I am a great fan. And such a section would allow those creatives amongst us at least one outlet for their work, given that these are few and far between.

    Once ‘CC’ is up and running, I see no problem with adding other non-mainstream material, to which readers can dip in and out of as they wish. And who knows, these alternatives might turn out to be the most popular.

    And of course, I have a few stories to submit – for better or worse!



    1. Creative corner
      Great idea – DG is a brilliant daily resource of weird realities, and extending a little into arts would be great. I’ve been wanting to post this link to DG for a while, as I think it covers some areas Grailers will find interesting – the first part of a 3-part post to YouTube of a film poem called Radio Carbon – all about deep time, the prehistoric, and the present moment – and radio carbon as a broadcast medium. Tune in here …

      You’ll also find on YouTube a 9-part posting of the BBC Hawkwind documentary I made in 2007 – the band just won a Mojo maverick award,and out of all the bands in the world, it’s hard to think of a more Grail-ish one (except for Gong of course)



  9. awesome idea
    yes, yes, yes. please have this. i have plenty to add and love to read the tales of others. many of my art has watermarks on them to protect their copyright already.

  10. Variety corner please!
    While I’ll probably visit the sci-fi section most often, I’d still love to see a variety of genres available to post. Fantasy, alternative history, such themed poetry are all great ideas.

    Cool synchronicity that this idea came up now, I was just reading the front page post about cosmic impacts and was instantly blessed with a great sci-fi story idea. Can’t wait to see this happen and get some input!

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