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Them Old Ways Never Died

Them Old Ways Never Died: The Debut Novel of Paranormal Author Joshua Cutchin, Coming Soon

It gives me great pride to announce that my friend and colleague Joshua Cutchin is about to make his debut as a novelist with his new book, Them Old Ways Never Died.

Joshua Cutchin

That’s right. Josh, who already made a name for himself as a very prolific non-fiction author (seriously, the guy should give annual donations to forest preservation to atone for all the paper that is needed every time he releases a mammoth treatise in Forteana!) has penned a wonderful story which is sure to enthrall anyone with an interest in the paranormal. And I’m not saying this just because Josh is a long time a pal —and also (full disclosure) because I happened to design the cover of the book *ahem*— but being one of the few who have already laid hands on the manuscript, I can honestly say I was blown away by Josh’s prose and the way the paragraphs so vividly painted in my mind the rich scenery and diverse characters inhabiting this world he created; a world that will feel both all-too familiar to its readers, but also deeply ‘alien’ and disturbing.

And to give a taste of what it is all about, he recently released a teaser trailer:

As the trailer mentions, TOWND will be available in paper and Kindle versions by August 28th. And as a special treat for our readers and supporters, Greg and I will soon record an interview with Josh which we will release on the Daily Grail Youtube channel.

Is TOWND a terror novel, magical realism, fictional folklore or a modern fairytale? All I can say is that it’s a book you will not be able to put down until you finish it. And once you do, perhaps you will get to see that by using fiction, Josh may have gotten a better glimpse of the things that go bump in the night than most researchers still hunting for them in the dark corners of the world.

Because no matter how much they change their guise, They remain the same. And They are still around…

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