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Narratives of Transcendent Gnosis: A Near Death Experience Course, Presented by Joshua Cutchin

Joshua Cutchin

Joshua Cutchin, prolific paranormal author and friend to The Daily Grail, has put up a very interesting online course —hosted by the Kosmos Institute— where he and the participants will study in depth the characteristics of near death experiences, or NDEs; the subject of which featured predominantly in his critically acclaimed non-fiction book, “Ecology of Souls.”

Narratives of transcendental gnosis are forming all around us in various guises as people seek these experiences in larger and larger numbers all over the world. There is a suggestion that another, different realm of experience exists, one that is situated beyond the immediate, personal dimension. As more people encounter such experiences, stories and narratives are forming around them, developing a mythological landscape of the present time.

The workshop is scheduled to begin on March 23rd, and will consist of nine sessions, each lasting one and a half hours. In a message, Josh told me had put in a ton of information into these lessons, so it really looks like the best option to learn all about near death experiences —outside of having one yourself, that is…

Here is the link to the course.

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