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Entangled Winners

Congratulations to TDG readers Joseph P. and Pascal, whose names were drawn as the prize-winners in our Entangled competition. Both win a copy of Graham Hancock’s debut novel, signed and sent by GH himself. For those that missed out, take heart in the news that Entangled was officially released today, so you can pick up a copy from Amazon UK, or alternatively in good bookshops around the British Isles if you live there.

I was lucky enough to receive a pre-publication copy, and am almost at the end of the book. It’s a heck of a page-turner, and with the plot revolving around things like time travel, parallel universes, near-death experiences, ayahuasca shamanism and modern research into DMT, it’s obviously right up my alley. I’m hoping to talk to Graham about the book and how he came to write it in the next few days – I’ll post the dialogue here on TDG as I’m sure you’ll all be interested.

Thanks to all those who entered the competition, and also to Graham for being kind enough to offer two signed copies of his novel to TDG readers. For more information about the book, including information on ‘The Science behind Entangled‘ and video of Graham reading the first couple of chapters, head to the official Entangled website.

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