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Philip K. Dick Film Omnibus

From Scifi Wire – “Your complete guide to the films of Philip K. Dick“:

The works of the enigmatic and eccentric Dick—who died in 1982 at the age of 53, leaving behind 44 novels and more than 120 short stories — are collectively the gift that keeps on giving to Hollywood. Eight feature films have been adapted from Dick’s novels or stories in the past 28 years; three of those have been hits, and one is now considered a cinematic classic. Yet most of the time Dick’s name is not even used to promote the films — probably because, for the most part, mainstream audiences don’t know who the guy is.

Dick has not always fared well on the screen, either. His stories often deal with dense metaphysical and sociological ideas that don’t always translate into big-budget crowd-pleasers. So it really becomes about whether the movies can capture the flavor of the man’s writing— arguably a harder task.

The latest PKD film adaptation is The Adjustment Bureau, which is scheduled for release in September. Here’s the trailer:

As always with the man, a wonderful Fortean-flavoured mind-frack.

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