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Entangled Competition: Win a Copy Signed by Graham Hancock

Bumping this post, in case people missed it last weekend. Only a few days left to enter!

I mentioned last week that Graham Hancock’s novel Entangled would be released in the UK on April 1 (pre-order now from Amazon UK), as well as posting video of Graham reading from the first chapter. With the book including topics such as time travel, altered states of consciousness and near-death experiences, there’s no doubt that this is the type of fiction that TDG readers will enjoy. In fact, Graham has always been a wonderful supporter of The Daily Grail, and just to prove it he’s been kind enough to offer two signed copies of his new book as prizes for a couple of lucky Grailers.

So how you enter? Simple – email me with the answer to this question, which can be found by reading through the first four chapters from Entangled which have been posted on the Random House website:

When Leoni has her near-death experience she passes through a tunnel of light. It’s walls are marked at intervals by large geometric grids. What does she see in the panels of the grids?

The competition will close on March 31, the day before Entangled goes on sale.

For more information about the book, including information on ‘The Science behind Entangled‘, head to the official website. Here’s the recently released trailer:

Thanks to Graham for being so kind as to offer these prizes to Daily Grail readers. Make sure you get your entry in before March 31 – as they say, you have to be in it to win it.

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