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Hameroff Responds

Quantum consciousness researcher Stuart Hameroff has responded to the recent 'Skeptic' column by Michael Shermer, regarding the movie What the ##!?!# Do We Know...
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Shkeptical Shermer

After posting the latest Scientific American contents on Tuesday, I felt moved to write a little about their resident 'skeptic' Michael Shermer (and I use the s...
Michael Shermer, (Gage Skidmore, CCASA3.0 licence)

The Shermer Sham

Has it become time for Scientific American to dump its resident 'skeptic' and columnist Michael Shermer? Shermer is the publisher of Skeptic Magazine, and frequ...
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Wiseman Rebuttal

The Skeptical Investigations website has been updated with an article on their 'Skeptic of the Month', Dr Richard Wiseman. The essay, titled "Richard Wiseman's ...
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Skeptical Inquirer 28:5

The September/October issue of Skeptical Inquirer has been released, with a number of the articles generously shared on the SI website: Bruce Flamm discusses...
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Going the Distance

The Skeptical Investigations website has been updated with a new essay which confronts 'pseudo-skeptics' front on. Written by Nancy Zingrone, the piece is titl...
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Investigating Shermer

The Skeptical Investigations website has been updated with more information and resources for those skeptical of the 'skeptics'. This month the SI site puts it...
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Skeptical Inquirer 28:4

The July/August issue of Skeptical Inquirer is hot off the press, and as usual the SI website has a number of the articles available for free from its website: ...