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Skeptical Inquirer 28:3

The May/June 2004 issue of Skeptical Inquirer is out and about, with a list of contents as well as sample articles available at the CSICOP website. Two online articles that might interest TDG readers are:

Darkness, Tunnels, and Light: Stories of darkness, tunnels, and bright light told by those who report near-death experiences actually have a basis in the structure and functioning of the eyes, the brain, and other sense organs that operate during these experiences.

The Cold War’s Classified Skyhook Program: Classified high-altitude, long-duration flights of huge Skyhook balloons, which often returned their secret payloads to the surface, began in 1947 and continued for several decades. This secret Cold War program was the likely progenitor of many key aspects of UFO mythology.

Also online are articles by a former ‘New-Age’ author turned skeptic, and a semi-humourous piece about homeopathy. To view all the contents, including an article on parapsychology researcher Brenda Dunne, you’ll have to purchase the magazine.

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