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Skeptical Inquirer 28:4

The July/August issue of Skeptical Inquirer is hot off the press, and as usual the SI website has a number of the articles available for free from its website:

  • Robert Carroll takes a look at pranks, frauds and hoaxes from around the world.

  • Ted Goertzel investigates whether capital punishment has any effect on crime rates.
  • Robert Sheaffer warns of the end of the world (again), this time at the hands of Comet Toutatis. Or maybe not.
  • James N. Gardner gets skeptical in his review of Brian Greene’s The Fabric of the Cosmos (Amazon US and UK). Well what did you expect, this is SI

If you buy the magazine you’ll also get articles on the the Patterson Bigfoot film, the Turin Shroud, Helen Irlen’s rose-coloured lens treatment and the Mexican Air Force UFOs among others. See the website for complete details of the latest issue.

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