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Skeptical Investigations

I’ve just been pointed towards an excellent website concerning ‘skepticism’, and the debate over who the ‘skeptics’ really are. Skeptical Investigations features informative dossiers on so-called ‘media skeptics’, as well as some of the researchers that they attack.

Add to this a brilliant list of articles on more specific topics, all to do with the true spirit of scientific enquiry and on employing an honest system of skepticism, and you’ve got a handy resource and a heck of a lot of reading to boot. I’ll be spending a good portion of this week there, that’s for sure – so check it out yourself. Thanks Joanne for the tip!

  1. Skeptical investigations
    You’re welcome, Greg. This is one of those sites that I stumbled upon while looking for something else. I spent a couple of hours wandering around it at that point, instead of getting back to my original search. 🙂


  2. Rupert Sheldrake…..
    Domain ID:D80186874-LROR
    Created On:23-Nov-2001 17:31:00 UTC
    Last Updated On:23-Oct-2003 11:04:28 UTC
    Expiration Date:23-Nov-2004 17:31:00 UTC
    Sponsoring Registrar:R60-LROR
    Registrant ID:66514842-NETBENO
    Registrant Name:skeptical investigations
    Registrant Organization:rupert sheldrake
    Registrant Street1:20 Willow Road
    Registrant City:London
    Registrant State/Province:n/a
    Registrant Postal Code:NW3 1TJ
    Registrant Country:GB
    Registrant Phone:+44.2077949841
    Registrant FAX:+44.2074354331
    Admin ID:66514842-NETBENA
    Admin Name:rupert sheldrake
    Admin Organization:skeptical investigations
    Admin Street1:20 Willow Road
    Admin City:London
    Admin State/Province:n/a
    Admin Postal Code:NW3 1TJ
    Admin Country:GB
    Admin Phone:+44.2077949841
    Tech ID:66514842-NETBENT
    Tech Name:Role Netnames Hostmaster
    Tech Organization:Netnames Ltd
    Tech Street1:11 Clerkenwell Green
    Tech Street2:London
    Tech City:London
    Tech State/Province:n/a
    Tech Postal Code:EC1R 0DP
    Tech Country:GB
    Tech Phone:+44.2075495355

    Rupert Sheldrake is known for morphic resonance.

    Read Rupert Sheldrake: The delightful crackpot for more details.

    In short, this site has been put up by those who support long debunked rubbish to help perpetuate that rubbish.

    1. Defining ‘Debunking’

      And the ‘rubbish’ was debunked by whom? Randi’s inept handling of Gary Swchwartz, Hyman’s lame responses on the Stargate project, or Wiseman’s attempt to discredit McMoneagle? Debunking is in the eye of the beholder it seems…

      BTW, not registering with a username before posting is a little weak, but you could at least sign your name to the bottom of your post.

      Peace and Respect

      You monkeys only think you’re running things

      1. If it’s rubbish, it’s rubbish
        If it’s rubbish, it’s rubbish-whoever debunks it.

        Try The Psychic Staring Effect; An Artifact of Pseudo Randomization-and make sure you follow the links.

        Or try The amazing ideas of Rupert Sheldrake.

        And don’t forget Two Shaky Experiments.

        None of those are authored by Randi, Hyman or Wiseman.

        Unfortunately, as you now well know, the site your trumpeting as “an excellent website concerning ‘skepticism’, and the debate over who the ‘skeptics’ really are.” has been put up by a pseudo-skeptic desperately trying to find some sort of ‘legitimacy’ for his long-refuted rubbish. It’s anaologous to the studies that cigarette manufacturers fund to downplay the ‘health risks’.

        Congratulations, you fell for it!

          1. And what do my credentials an
            And what do my credentials and name matter, Pamela dear?

            What’s important is the substance-and I’ve presented plenty. Are you capable of addressing that, or not? I think I know the answer.

        1. Not at all

          Not at all – without getting too James Bond-ish, if you head to the link at the top of the page ‘About SI’ you can find the usual suspects listed (without even having to do a whois on the domain). I’m completely aware of who are involved. It doesn’t change the substance of the articles on the site.

          You’re logic is of the kind I’m becoming familiar with. I go to CSICOP’s and Randi’s website often too, there is some good stuff on there. There’s also some awfully fascist dogmatic content as well. I think I’m intelligent enough to pick the valuable stuff out, and I trust readers are too. You, unfortunately, don’t appear to trust in the intelligence of others and believe you need to think for them. Good luck to you on that one.

          Peace and Respect

          You monkeys only think you’re running things

          1. You monkeys only think you’re running things
            OK, Greg, is that tag line from McKenna and the mushrooms?

          2. McKenna and Ayahuasca
            Hi X_O,

            Close, it’s Dennis McKenna (not Terence) and ayahuasca. Daniel Pinchbeck mentions the experience in his cool book BREAKING OPEN THE HEAD:

            When Dennis McKenna, Terence’s botanist brother, drank ayahuasca with the Uniao do Vegetal, a Brazilian syncretic religion that uses ayahuasca as its sacrament, he was turned into a sentient water molecule in the jungle soil, pulled up through a vine’s roots to experience the miraculous molecular processes of photosynthesis in its leaves. “Somehow I understood – though no words were involved – that the Banisteriopsis vine was the embodiment of the plant intelligence that embraced and covered the earth,” he recalled. At the end of his vision, a voice told him, “You monkeys only think you’re running things.”

            I mention it not as a matter of belief in the statement, more a reminder to be humble when I start thinking I know a bit about the way things work. We monkeys do tend to get a bit full of ourselves…


            Nice to see you back here.

            Peace and Respect



            You monkeys only think you’re running things

          3. monkeys and mushrooms
            The story I remember was Terence’s talking about the magic mushrooms and how they were a great collective being that propagated throughout the universe partly by spore drift and partly by teaching “monkeys” like us how to build interstellar ships in exchange for getting a ride on them when the ships took off. He was convinced that the mushrooms were our stepping stone when our ancestors first wandered out on the savannas and started nibbling on them. The jump in awareness started us on our path.

            A really brillient insight whether true or not.

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