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High Society

The Daily Grail is all about surfing the edges of science and history, and navigating those strange seas can sometimes be fraught with danger - there's no short...
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Haitian Zombumentary

Writer and film-maker Hamilton Morris has been fascinated with the 'zombie-making' legends of Haiti since middle-school when he first saw Wes Craven's movie The...
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The Boingy Grail

Okay, this means war. Not content to impinge on our territory by having Jacques Vallee as a guest-blogger, Boing Boing now also has Graham Hancock posting artic...
Supernatural, by Adam Scott Miller

A New Eleusis

Albert Hofmann, the Swiss chemist who was first to synthesise LSD and the first to taste its awesome power, died in April last year at the grand age of 102. Twe...