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In my review of Rick Strassman’s book DMT: The Spirit Molecule (posted way back in the mists of time), I noted that “it is the case studies in the latter part of the book that make it something special.” As with the near-death experience, listening to experiencers’ direct testimony of this ‘otherworld’ is compelling stuff.

If you haven’t already seen the recent documentary based on Rick Strassman’s book, then I recommend you watch this 10 minute segment from it on YouTube, in which the volunteers from his research study describe in their own words the DMT experiences they had:

On a sidenote, you might notice that the clip opens with a description of the ‘hum’ that often heralds the onset of the experience – something I wrote about in my Darklore article “Her Sweet Murmur“. Rabbit-holes, rabbit-holes everywhere, which one shall we explore today…?

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