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A lovely new addition to the Vimeo video-sharing site is the Ecology, Cosmos & Consciousness lecture series, which already has a number of videos that I’m sure Grailers will enjoy. I was so impressed I couldn’t choose between them, and so instead have embedded the three I’ve watched thus far below. All three are favourite writers of mine: Alan Moore holds forth on magic, Darklore contributor Mike Jay discusses the role of mind-altering drugs in worldwide cultures, and Mark Pilkington “shows how military and intelligence operators have shaped and exploited beliefs in UFOs, ghosts, monsters, vampires, and elements from folklore and conspiracy theory to create an armoury of supernatural weapons of mass deception capable of manipulating consciousness on a grand scale”. Seriously, do you have a reason *not* to watch these?

BTW, for those who were a little bemused to see Alan Moore headlining James Randi’s “The Amazing Meeting” in London a couple of years ago, he discusses that experience at the beginning of his talk. Make sure you follow Ecology, Cosmos & Consciousness to keep tabs on any new video additions in future.

Alan Moore, on Magic.

Mike Jay – High Society: Mind Altering Drugs in History and Culture.

Mark Pilkington – The Abuses of Enchantment: Folklore and Deception in the Disinformation Age.