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Excellent Erik Davis Interview

I rank Erik Davis as one of the most intelligent and engaging explorers of the counterculture – from his seminal book Techgnosis: Myth, Magic & Mysticism in the Age of Information (Amazon US and UK), to his wonderful essays and articles on everything from music history and technology to spirituality and post-humanism. I was absolutely stoked to be able to feature his article on occultists’ adoption of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos in our Darklore anthology series last year (available to read as a free sample here on TDG).

So I was very pleased to see the following video interviews posted on YouTube. Filmed during the making of the excellent documentary DMT: The Spirit Molecule, this playlist of 19 individual videos (over an hours worth of viewing) has been released as part of the DMT Remix project, allowing others to use the original footage to create their ‘own’ documentaries (not just of Erik, but other interviewees as well). Obviously, given the topic of the documentary, the main subject under discussion is psychedelics – but Erik comes at it from a number of angles (spirituality, the arts etc.), which makes for a fascinating hour of discussion.

If you’d prefer to browse the videos and pick out individual topics, browse the full playlist on YouTube. For the rest of you, the entire thing is embedded below. Being a ‘raw dump’ of video footage, the conversation jumps around a little…but I’m sure intelligent folk such as your good self will have no problem with that:

After enjoying the interview, I recommending picking up a copy of Erik’s latest book Nomad Codes: Adventures in Modern Esoterica (Amazon US and UK), a handy anthology of his writings that you’re sure to enjoy.

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