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Mind Mysteries

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Debating Parapsychology

The website for Psychology Today has freely released an article from the July/August 2000 issue, titled "Is There a Sixth Sense?". The article is a piece writt...
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Field Conference

For those in the London area with a free weekend, there is an awesome line-up of speakers this Saturday and Sunday at the "Living the Field" conference at Logan...
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Sheldrake Workshop

For those in the London area, researcher Rupert Sheldrake is hosting a research workshop at his home on October 12th. Rupert will discuss recent developments i...
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Telephone Telepathy

The website of 'maverick' biologist Rupert Sheldrake has been updated with the addition of a recent paper, presented last month at the Parapsychology Associatio...
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Sheldrake Shtuff

Updating the radio schedules mentioned on Friday, Coast to Coast's "TBA" guest on Sunday has now been confirmed as Dr Rupert Sheldrake (on in just a few hours)....
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Experiencing Grosso

A little behind in adding feature material to the website, but I've finally managed to complete an interview with author, researcher and philosopher Michael Gro...
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DMT Review

Another addition to the 'Features' section here on the website: a book review of DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman MD (available from Amazon US and UK)...
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Quantum Consciousness

The Quantum Consciousness website of researcher Stu Hameroff has had a redesign and now is much more user-friendly. On site you'll find information on Hameroff...