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Veridical OBEs?

I’ve archived the ‘Terraforming Mars‘ poll – with over 500 votes the majority rule says ‘yes’ to re-greening the Red Planet. Apparently it didn’t seem to matter to most if there was already life on the planet, just get the terraformers out of the sheds and onto the plains of Mars. Remember that all previous polls stay open for voting, despite being archived, and you can browse them on the poll page.

The new poll asks the simple question as to whether out-of-body experiences give evidence for some sort of soul or spirit within us that is separate to our physical body, and can travel away from it. While those who have experienced it say that you can travel both the physical and astral realms, the scientific evidence for OBE travel is not as great. Perhaps the best-known case is that of Miss Z., tested by Professor Charles Tart (the article also covers experiments with perhaps the most famous of OBE travellers, Robert Monroe). What do you think? Have a vote, and post a comment if you’d like to go into details.

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