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Magick Circle

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Shamanism Conference

The Fourth International Amazonian Shamanism Conference - titled "Magic, Myths and Miracles" - will be held July 19th to 28th this year at Iquitos, Peru: Thi...
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Shadow Worlds

Anomalist Books have issued a rerelease of Brad Steiger's Shadow World (Amazon US and UK), which looks at reports and folklore concerning paranormal 'entities' ...
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Hunting Skinwalkers

Another guest article here on TDG this week, with Colm Kelleher and George Knapp contributing an essay which asks "Skinwalkers: What Are They?". With a number o...
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Esoterica IX

Volume IX of the scholarly journal Esoterica has been released, and is available for free download in the form of a PDF file. In the new release: "Angel in ...
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MJF and the Occult

Our good friend Mark James Foster (Sub Rosa's graphic design guru) sends word that he has a new book out, co-authored with Simon Cox. The book, released today, ...
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Ultraculture Journal 1

Ultraculture Journal One has been released, and is available either in print edition ($23) or as a PDF file (shareware, $10 asked for, or in lieu of money 10 ch...