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Before the moon sets on another Halloween, though I’d provide a good midnight read for our U.S. readers before popping off to bed. Over at Kithra’s Krystal Kave, you’ll find a downright fascinating article titled “Glowing Red Eyes“:

Science tells us that nocturnal animals don’t have self-luminous eyes. They often have eyes that are reflective, in order to help them see in the dark, but they don’t glow. So the premise of this article is that seeing glowing red eyes on an out-of-place, or highly weird animal, or entity, is most likely a sign of it being something paranormal…

…What I’m going to do in this article is to give some examples of the various types of sightings that have been catalogued, and then take a look at what might lie behind them.

It’s a comprehensive and well written article that is worthy of attention – and sure to make you latch your window tight. Incidentally, it’s a good companion piece to two articles in Darklore, my essay on paranormal sounds and The Emperor’s piece on high strangeness Bigfoot cases.