Shamanism Conference

The Fourth International Amazonian Shamanism Conference – titled “Magic, Myths and Miracles” – will be held July 19th to 28th this year at Iquitos, Peru:

This 4th Amazonian Shamanism Conference will be opened by the illustrious visionary scientist, Dr.Dennis Mckenna. Other Presenters (with more confirming soon are – That master of sound healing- Dr. Richard Grossman, the Indiana Jones of Amazon Shamanism and noted journalist – Peter Gorman, the most excellent scientfic researcher on brain states while taking ayahuasca- Dr. Frank Echenhofer, the Amazon’s most famous visionary painter- Pablo Amaringo, the intrepid Victoria Alexander speaking on her research of Medieval Mysticism and Its Empirical Kinship to Ayahuasca, the very profound Melvin Morse and his research into childrens near death experiences as well as his research on Myths, the renowned Dr. John Alexander and his years of training and research on Remote Viewing, Conference Organizer Alan Shoemaker speaking on 15 years in shamanism, the visionary masters Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffman and many more to be Confirmed.

Full details are available at the website. A collection plate will be handed round later in today’s Daily Grail sermon, for a well-earned mid-year holiday…err, research trip…for myself and Rick. 😉