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More Voices in the Head

We recently posted about a new 'targeted advertising system' which literally made you hear voices in your head. Now comes news that a 1998 Pentagon report relea...
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Wired have picked up on a recent FOIA document posted to the Above Top Secret forums regarding the HAARP installation (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Pr...
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Missing FBI Files

Anomalies researcher Nick Redfern has an interesting post up on his 'Strange Secrets' blog (yes, he has quite a few!), about some online FBI files which are mys...
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Staring at Goats

No sooner had I posted the story last week about Jon Ronson's report on Sylvia Browne, Emps over at Cabinet of Wonders pointed out that a documentary based on h...
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Mirage Men Whispers

One of the most interesting projects 'in the works' at the moment, in my opinion, is Mirage Men, a feature length documentary (and book by the sounds of it) on ...
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JFK Will Not Die

As Jameske noted in his news earlier in the week, Federal Court judges have queried the CIA's rationale for withholding records which might be pertinent to the ...