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Alex Jones

Jones Iver: Alex Jones Rants as an Indie Folk Song

What happens when you set Alex Jones rants to folk music, as this clip from Superdeluxe does? They show how batshit crazy they actually are, when not delivered in a gravelly over-dramatic voice.

(Sometimes people ask me why I don’t like Alex Jones, so here’s my one-time answer. I’m not sure if these are somehow blind to the fact that he promotes hate and lies through his teeth constantly, simply to line his pockets at the expense of gullible people. But in short, he is pretty much the antithesis of everything I work to achieve with the Daily Grail: educating people, warning them to be skeptical and cautious of everything they read (both mainstream and alternative), not profiting off sensationalism or bias towards a belief or point of view, and promoting good. I cannot understand why a single person on the planet thinks he is worthy of respect. STOP LINING THE POCKETS OF AWFUL PEOPLE.)

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