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Nexus 14:02

The latest issue of Nexus Magazine (14:02) is now available, and over at their website they've added a bunch of free material from the new mag to serve as taste...
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The Stargate Conundrum

Alternative history researcher and author Filip Coppens has been updating his site with new essays regularly over the past year (see the Tuesday Round-up below ...
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Solomon’s Treasure

Author Tracy Twyman (of Dagobert's Revenge fame) has a new book out titled Solomon's Treasure, which centres on the Masonic symbolism on the US dollar bill, and...
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Nexus 12:5

The latest issue of Nexus magazine has been released, with some free articles available from the mag's website as tasters. Available to read from the August/Sep...
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Don’t Call Me Crazy

We don't post a lot on conspiracy theories here, but I thought it worth linking to this well-made documentary on the true-life happenings of supposed 'paranoid'...