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Bohemian Grove

A Question for Alex Jones: Are the Owls What They Seem?

When, in 2000, conspiracy theorist cum Presidential advisor Alex Jones infiltrated the infamous ‘Bohemian Grove‘ – a meeting place for the rich and powerful – he was confronted with a pagan sacrificial rite (or a piece of theatre, take your pick) taking place in front of a 30-foot high sculpture of an owl, the official symbol of the Bohemian Grove meeting.

From this it was clear: the owl is a symbol of the global elite, our hidden and not-so-hidden rulers, who gather at Bohemian Grove to decide our fates. So much so that even 8 years later, Jones’s InfoWars site ran with their insights on a video of George H.W. Bush wearing a cap with an owl on it…

[In the video] Bush 41 unabashedly wears a ball cap with an owl, the mascot of the Bohemian Grove Club. After the video loads, scrub to 2 minutes, 20 seconds to see George’s hat.

The initiation ceremony totem animal of Bohemian Grove is the owl, which figures prominently in occult symbolism as the fusion of “wisdom” and nature. So important is the occultic owl to our rulers, it long ago found a place on our fiat currency.

Bush, of course, is a fixture at Bohemian Grove, although the vast majority of the people are ignorant of this fact. And maybe that’s why George is rubbing this in our faces, as the elite are wont to do, even on national television.

Fast forward 17 years from Alex Jones’s first-hand look at the goings-on at Bohemian Grove, and now, incredibly, Jones himself is buddies with the President of the United States, with InfoWars acting as an official propaganda channel for the Trump candidacy and subsequent administration.

But Trump needed more help than just Jones’s proselytising to get elected. He also needed campaign finance: and one of his biggest backers was mysterious billionaire Robert Mercer, CEO of the equally enigmatic Renaissance Technologies, who chipped in more than $20 million to Trump’s Super PACs. Mercer’s “people” were also installed in high places in Trump’s team, such as Kellyanne Conway and Stephen Bannon (Mercer had earlier backed Bannon’s Breitbart website to the tune of $10 million).

So maybe someone should tell Alex Jones that Robert Mercer is fixated with owls

Mercer has dubbed his house the Owl’s Nest. Owls seem to be something of a familiar for Mercer. He’s commissioned a succession of yachts, all called Sea Owl, the latest of which stretches to 203 feet, with a pirate-themed playroom for the grandkids and a chandelier of Venetian glass…

…At the Owl’s Nest, visitors pass through pillars crowned by a pair of owl statues, their wings outstretched as if taking flight. People who’ve been inside describe a pistol range, a series of secret passages, and an octagonal tower holding a two-story library.

I’m sure you wouldn’t have to remind Jones that one of the ‘camps’ (groupings) of people at the Bohemian Grove event is…”Owls Nest” (consisting of “U.S. Presidents/Military/Defense Contractors”). Could it be that Alex Jones has had the wool pulled over his eyes, and – rather than being a Presidency for the people – the man pulling the strings of the Trump presidency is Bohemian Grove personified?

Or perhaps I’m assuming far too much here, and the owls are not what they seem. But all the same, I do like to imagine the batshit insanity we would be seeing from Jones right now if Clinton had been elected president instead, and it turned out one of her major financial backers embraced the owl symbol in the way Mercer does…

  1. Mr. Owl – how many licks?
    You know what the sad irony is? With the way the environment is going to be handled by this administration, we will be lucky if we have any owls in four years 😛

    1. Who Gives a Hoot?
      Couldn’t resist that! {sticks out tonguey}

      My gut feeling is that Trump’s Presidency will go down as a huge disaster (what else can any presidency be?), but as an Esotericist – not to be confused with Esoteroist – it has already been quite amusing.

      Oh, and yes, Kung Pow 2 (“Tongue of Fury”) is happening. Kung Pow 2 is not happening. Your sequel is on. Your sequel is off.

  2. Ate

    “These ancient names such as the Hittite ‘Athi’, Trojan ‘Ate’ and Greek ‘Athena’ would be the words we use today to describe how we human consume food with the English words like eat, and ate. This owl deity who lives within us all was directly connected to this alchemical process that we know of as eating.”


    “This much larger owl plaque was inspired by an uncanny spate of “owl synchronicities” that happened to me this last (2015) Thanksgiving. As the synchronicities began to pile up over the space of a week I began to reconstruct where the whole affair had probably begun.”

    1. Myth-Owl-ogy
      The owl (like the serpent) would naturally be associated with the Sethian qualities of darkness, stealth and predation. I’m more reluctant to associate the owl with other deities (besides Set/Leviathan). The root “At” is also found in Attis (Osiris) and Addi (Horus), so it’s a bit tricky.

      The goddess Lil-ith, explicitly associated with owls, is perhaps a female analog or designates her as a consort of Set (ala Nephthys)?

  3. The Minerva Rule
    Minerva is anywhere and everywhere. Should be no surprise that powerful people of all stripes embrace the symbol. I have always thought that the various power structures and “societies” like to use vaguely creepy occult symbolism because it lends them an air of being in possession of magical powers against which it is “futile to resist.” Many people I know personally are immediately put off by this stuff and go no further looking at it – sort of like a dog spitting out a toxic toad.

    “Minerva represents a group of like-minded states that support the creation of credible and binding institutions, possibly backed by a limited but creative use of force”

    “In the first, competitive mode, Minervian powers support multilateralism primarily based on their perceived economic or political self-interests.They support global institution-building either to upload national constraints to the global level or according to counter-hegemonic motives against the US.

    In the second, normative mode, Minervian states support multilateralism under the influence of norms and ideas promoted by grassroots actors…In general, the success of the normative mode is dependent on the relatively weak mobilization of adverse interest groups and relatively low costs in terms of relations with the US. These intervening variables vary over time and windows of opportunity may close after key events.

    The third key mode has involved domestic political leadership– i.e. the projection of domestic agendas in Minervian countries onto the global agenda, usually involving multi-level coalitions…This is a top-down mode where political leaders in key states are the prime movers.”

    1. Multitudes in the Valley of Indecision
      It’s as if humanity has been fated to replay the entire history of the galaxy, going from a primitive state of “hunting/killing” to a settled existence of “farming/cultivating”. The “gods/goddesses” are our guide and example. They represent the various contending regions and races of our galaxy and the epic struggle that ensued between them over millions of years (and may even still be playing out). But, the jury is still out as to whether our world, as a kind of microcosm, will make it to the next stage or not. We are essentially forced to become “as the gods” in order to do so. And that requires a god-like understanding that Earth is in the long run unsustainable as a habitat for intelligent/advanced life. Yet, every time we approach the threshold of independence our towers to the heavens are cast down. Are we expected to dust ourselves off and keep trying, or just accept that we can’t get there from here and give up?

      Even the ancient Sumerians believed in the necessity of both “truth” and “falsehood” as the founding principles of a lasting society. Difficult choices have to be made. Living in perpetual denial won’t cut it. The eyes of at least a few have to be opened. And there are obviously those among us who consider themselves the rightful heirs of the gods and therefore perpetual stewards of this world. Do they consider the mandate to be merely “occupy Earth” until the gods return or to “rebel” and join the gods as an autonomous spacefaring entity? Previously, the royal family took it upon themselves to resist all forms of progress. What has changed?

  4. Hillary’s “Owl/Minerva Rule”

    “Internet researchers have been mystified ever since a WikiLeaks email was uncovered tied to Hillary Clinton which made a cryptic reference to an “owl/minerva rule”. There has been much debate as to what this meant, including its potential reference to the occult and the goddess, Minerva.

    (Sullivan to Clinton)
    “Do you think the last paragraph violates the owl/minerva rule?”


    I know an elderly and distinguished attorney who actually attended a Bohemian Grove session – he said it was like the most amazing summer camp you could imagine with small lectures by famous men going off all the time.
    Nixon as we know called it the “most faggy thing you can imagine.” The symbolism is used and observed by different people for different things, and the people attending the Grove are by no means homogeneous. (Oh, bad near pun.) Some people take the whole thing very casual and fun-like, and some may delve the overarching symbolism with much more seriousness.

    Sullivan referencing the “Owl/Minerva Rule” in the email to Clinton does not necessarily mean that it is anything more than a kind of inside joke term that has “stuck,” but since it is a reference to very serious affairs of state (the toppling of Ghaddafi in this case,) it could also mean that she has hung up in clique of high ceremonial rigor and identity which populates policy with the mystical perhaps as part of a process of “letting off steam” in the face of stresses and anxieties that are overwhelming them. Symbols can be fetishes, and fetishes become reservoirs into which are projected anxieties, insecurities, and misgivings.

    Given all the other Hillary sideshows of which we have gotten more than a whiff, it would be quite interesting to know what is going on with the crowd that almost won it and that is taking extraordinary measures to try to get it back.
    Inquiring tax payers’ minds want to know more and have a right to know more.

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