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Last month I wrote about the long interview between Donald Trump and George Papadopoulos, in which the subject of UFOs was brought up, albeit very briefly and somewhat disappointingly –if you are the kind of person who expect the president of the United States to show any interest at all in the subject, that is; this despite having been officially briefed about the encounters Navy pilots have had with objects that seem to defy all we know about conventional aerodynamics and acceleration.

And last weekend advocates for UFO Disclosure had yet another chance to get all excited, when it was announced that FOX News commentator Tucker Carlson had also asked Trump about UFOs. Not only that, but a post on Reddit published a few hours before the show’s transmission on the subreddit r/ufo suggested that Trump was going to finally deliver the bombshell they’ve been patiently waiting for, and admit that YES, aliens are real and they’re here! 

But, as it is often the case with Disclosure, reality didn’t match up to expectations, and the Reddit leak seems to have been nothing more than a 4chan prank…

“I’m not a believer but anything is possible.” So I guess President Trump is showing a bit more open-mindedness than when he answered the same question last month, right? Right?

After the segment with Trump, Carlson had Nick Pope desperately trying to give a positive spin to the skeptical attitude of the Commander-in-Chief. “(…) I think it’s absolutely refreshing to get a straight answer from (…) a sitting president on this, without dodging the question, without making some humorous reference to a science fiction movie,” said Pope, before trying to (over) speculate whether the reason Trump “didn’t want to get into it” is because he was perhaps shown classified information he couldn’t be at liberty to openly share on air —like that has ever stopped him…

Well, first of all, the fact that Trump didn’t joke about this subject in a late night show like his predecessors Obama and Clinton is because (a) things have changed thanks to TTSA, (b) he doesn’t like going to late night shows anyway, and (c) because the only humorous remarks he makes on anything are purely unintentional.

Secondly, as we speculated on my June post, there’s every reason to believe senior officers are always very careful not to disclose too sensitive information to Trump. And yet the question remains: Was he shown better footage of the famous FLIR, Gimbal and GoFast videos promoted by TTSA, or just the low definition versions we’ve seen on their website and entertainment products?

And if he did see high-def, longer footage –and perhaps even radar information– then why does he remain unconvinced?

Fans of TTSA still praise the FOX  interview as a huge achievement (no, Really!) simply because Carlson also brought up the rumors of “wreckage of a UFO” kept by the US government —“I haven’t heard that” replied Trump– since this is directly influenced by Carlson’s previous interviews with TTSA members Lue Elizondo and Chris Mellon; at the time Elizondo kind of dodged the question by making reference to his oath of secrecy –something he often does, one might add– but cryptically said “Simply put: Yes” when pressed by Carlson to respond to whether the government has in fact “UFO debris.” 

Here is a good example of how things tend to subtly blow up out of proportion in UFOland: From “any material from one of these aircrafts” to “wreckage of a UFO” you are now using a language that implies a crashed flying saucer hidden in some ultra-secret hangar base (Hello Bob Lazar!) instead of just some odd bits and pieces collected here and there that may defy logical explanation after being submitted to scientific analysis, like the research our dear Dr. Jacques Vallee has been independently conducting on “UFO slag” –here the operational word is “independently” since many UFO buffs are convinced Vallee is involved with TTSA, something he has publicly denied.

In fact, the admission that AATIP and AAWSAP had managed to retrieve physical samples related to UFO activity is something we already knew, since this was briefly covered in the original New York Times article “Glowing Auras and Black Money,” that broke the news about these formerly secret Pentagon programs in December of 2017.

UFOs’ Mister Big…

Contracts obtained by The Times show a congressional appropriation of just under $22 million beginning in late 2008 through 2011. The money was used for management of the program, research and assessments of the threat posed by the objects.

The funding went to Mr. Bigelow’s company, Bigelow Aerospace, which hired subcontractors and solicited research for the program.

Under Mr. Bigelow’s direction, the company modified buildings in Las Vegas for the storage of metal alloys and other materials that Mr. Elizondo and program contractors said had been recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena. Researchers also studied people who said they had experienced physical effects from encounters with the objects and examined them for any physiological changes. In addition, researchers spoke to military service members who had reported sightings of strange aircraft.

Since then very little, if anything, has been said about these “modified buildings” owned by Robert Bigelow, who remains as secretive as ever. Are we talking about a whole warehouse or just a few rooms in his Bigelow Aerospace factory?

Now that History channel’s TV series Unidentified is over –expect a full review later this week!– Disclosure advocates say the next logical step should be to demand congressional hearings… again. If the hearings were to focus not on what the government knows about UFOs, but what Bigelow knows, then I would be all for it. In the meantime, Donald Trump remains an unlikely candidate for ‘Disclosure president’ –maybe someone should show him pictures of Semjase, that would surely get his attention.