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Crashed Flying Saucer
Crashed Flying Saucer

Jacques Vallee and the Mystery of the ‘Alien Alloys’

Dr. Jacques Vallee’s presentation for Contact in the Desert 2017 has just been uploaded to Youtube. Here’s your chance to listen him describe the things he’s uncovered over the years by analyzing metal samples allegedly ejected by UFOs, which have been recovered all around the world, and how the chemical composition of these materials seriously challenge all of our preconceptions with regards to the popularly-assumed extraterrestrial nature of these objects:

The 3 most relevant points to be extracted from this presentation are:

  1. Some of these metal materials are seen to contain trace levels of elements (and isotope of said elements) which no man-made or terrestrial metals would be expected to contain. Are these contaminants or purposefully introduced (i.e. engineered)?
  2. The technical analysis needs to be expanded through the use of several instruments to arrive at more precise composition levels –no analysis from a single instrument or method is fully reliable.
  3. An aggressive program or search for additional samples needs to be conducted in order to reach a general picture of the entire problem.

These are very important aspects to consider, because in the end Vallee is being very frank about the stage in which this kind of research currently finds itself, which is one of total ignorance with regards to WHY the isotopic ratio of these metal alloys would be so different from regular terrestrial samples, or even samples of known extraterrestrial origin (e.g. a meteorite). Does it have to do with the propulsion system of the craft, possible stealth capabilities or the way the metal would handle extreme conditions like radiation or anti-gravity conditions? He and his colleagues just don’t know. They are only certain of one thing, and that is that with our current state of technology in the XXIst century –and bear in mind some of these samples were retrieved in the 1950s– it would cost trillions of dollars just to produce 1 cubic centimeter of metal, re-engineered with the kind of isotopic levels they have observed in the lab, because it would mean artificially separating the isotopes and recombining them to different ratios.

“Unless somebody has an absolutely magical technology to do that”, as he concludes, such a feat would be virtually impossible. Of course, to someone like me the mention of ‘magical technology’ and ‘impossible metal compositions’ inevitably leads me to one of the most ancient scientific tradition of mankind: Alchemy.

Dr. Vallee explained his ulterior motive for giving this presentation –as well as going into radio and podcast interviews like the one I was a part of last year— is so he can get his hands on many more sample materials, which presumably are in the hands of anonymous close encounter witnesses, UFO researchers or their descendants. He also refers to the (in)famous Roswell crash and how he doesn’t have any access to the materials from those type of cases, which might or might not have been retrieved by the government. This made me think of Diana Walsh Pasulka’s upcoming book American Cosmic, in which she describes how she was approached by anonymous higher-ups in the tech/private industry who took her to an alleged crash site of a UFO on some undisclosed location in New Mexico; Diana is a social scientist and has not engineering background, so why is it that these people don’t contact someone like Vallee first, and take him to see these UFO samples instead??

Oh, and another thing I found curious: Right at the beginning of the video and before jumping into the meat of his exposition, Vallee briefly mentions the ‘rumors’ regarding how the government has given these type of materials to “some aerospace company.” Given how this presentation was given in June of 2017, which was 4 months before the launch of Tom Delonge’s TTS/AAS initiative –and 6 months before the surprising revelation of the Pentagon UFO program by the New York Times, in which Robert Bigelow’s involvement was acknowledged— one wonders if Dr. Vallee had one particular ‘aerospace company’ in mind when he made that cryptic comment…

[UPDATE]: Somebody over Twitter brought to my attention this interview with Dr. Garry Nolan, who is a Professor of Microbiology & Immunology at Stanford University, and also  a member of the advisory board for the To The Stars Academy.

Before that, Dr. Nolan was involved in Dr. Steven Greer’s Sirius Project and was in charge with the DNA study of the controversial ‘Ata’ mummy, which eventually confirmed it was nothing but a human fetus suffering from a number of genetic malformations –most likely an illegal abortion.

In this Q&A session Nolan confirms he has collaborated with Vallee on the isotope study of the alleged UFO metal samples, which he calls ‘meta-materials’:

People interested in understanding the reality of what’s going on with these metamaterials (so-called alloys) need to understand this: . There are 253 isotopes that do not undergo radioactive decay in any reasonable time frame. This page has a table of nuclides where the grey boxes denote the 253 stable isotopes. Some elements, such as aluminum, have only 1 stable isotope. Titanium and nickel each have 5 stable isotopes. Tin (Sn) has eight! There are natural ratios of these isotopes that are largely governed by stellar decay processes, centrifugal forces (solar and other) during planetary formation, and proximity to gamma and other radiation sources. The ratios vary only slightly (maximum a couple percent) across a solar system. Significant variations in isotope ratios imply either engineering of the ratios for a purpose, or that the materials came from somewhere that does not “play by our rules”.

This is an interest addition to the To the Stars puzzle, since it confirms that people involved with TTS/AAS have been directly involved with Vallee’s efforts to study these materials. However, it does NOT necessarily mean Vallee himself is associated with DeLonge; for starters on numerous occasions Jacques has emphatically denied any involvement with To the Stars –and I for one I’m willing to take his word for it. I think the answer is simply that one of Dr. Vallee’s previous collaborator in the study of the UFO samples was professor Peter Sturrock –whom he mentioned on his CITD presentation and was an eminent physicist working at Stanford– and after Sturrock retired perhaps he referred Vallee to Nolan, a young colleague from the same university with a shared interest in the UFO phenomenon.

  1. Thanks for the article.

    I’ve read on this topic before and it strikes me as just shy of a smoking gun. Here you have an “inpossible” piece of metal that shouldn’t exist on this planet and isn’t a meteorite obviously. It looks molded/manufactured. I get why this exclamation isn’t being made as there could be another reason for its existence but….man!

  2. There were links on Art Bell’s website about materials said to be from the Roswell crash that he had laboratory analysis done. I haven’t looked at the site since years ago but they had similar results with isotopes and a layering technology unknown for our world. Working with materials on a nano level is believed to be barely even happening now in our time. Costs would never justify the production on such a scale with our current understandings or abilities.

  3. Every element that surrounds us is new, recently made. Atoms are not generated in supernovas and then collected in clouds that form solar systems.

    Think Low Energy Nuclear Reaction(LENR), basically Transmutation. Transmutation occurs all the time. A lightning bolt hits nearby, and you smell sulfur. Oxygen becomes Sulfur dioxide. Carbon dioxide becomes Silicon dioxide. Silicon dioxide become Iron oxide. Water vapor becomes Epson salts(Magnesium sulfate).

    – All the dust that falls from the sky is made in the air from the constant electrical interaction of the air with the Solar electricity, the crust electricity, etc…

    If you are interested, this is a thread that I’ve added to over the years. There are links from there to other threads discussing Transmutation.

    Mummified Dinosaurs / electric fossilization…?

    BTW, When I read the description of the UFO sighting by the Navy, with the disc shaped object moving from low altitude to high, with the water seeming to boil at the surface, I instantly saw it as an atmospheric/plasma effect.

    – Plasma looks like metal on radar.

    – That much electrical activity will spit out metals transmuted from the water vapor.

    1. Modern scientists can transmutate an element into another, too. Only problem is it takes a ginormous amount of energy, and the biggest and most sophisticated machines known to man (the Large Hadron Collider). Transmutation as understood (or believed) by ancient alchemists didn’t involve such hurdles. I recommend the book ‘Morning of the Magicians’ which is what started my interest in the subject.

      1. They mention in the lecture that possible Transmutation had occurred. Since they are aware that Transmutation is possible, it seems the likely cause for some of the results.

        The SAFIRE Project 2017 – 2018 Update

          1. HA! The mention of Transmutation is around the 52 minute mark in the Safire video.

            When I saw that, it sacred the hell out of me. I’ve had great fun posting insights on the Forum all these years, that comment during the lecture made it all too real for me. HA!

  4. I had the privilege to be interviewed by Vallee about a decade ago in a San Francisco café, concerning the events I subsequently novelized in “Mel-Khyor: An Interstellar Affair.” Along with distinguished Gallic manners (he picked up the tab) and a probing inquisitive mind, I was impressed by his intellectual integrity. As anyone who has read his work knows, Vallee has devoted most of his career to the hypothesis that the UFO phenomenon is not ETs, as it appears to be, but a much stranger and more remote manifestation of some kind of trans-dimensional force that materializes throughout human history in appropriate forms, driving our development in a certain (unseen) direction.

    My own experience leads me to the opposite conclusion, that at least some UFOs are nuts-and-bolts alien spacecraft engaged in surveys, experiments, and hegemony feuds over this planet’s ET affiliation. There are apparently several players with conflicting values and goals in this conflict. (Do you REALLY think an early, terrestrial radar set brought down the alleged “alien spaceship” at Roswell? I doubt there was one, but if there was, and one of our radars brought it down, it wasn’t worth shit to begin with.) I wonder how this examination of the very real anomalies in these strange, allegedly extra-terrestrial metal samples has influenced his opinion, if at all?

    1. If anything, I think what he’s finding out is CONFIRMING his suspicions that we are *not* dealing with ET craft hailing from Alpha Centauri, the Pleiades or whatever 😉

      I asked him, very concretely “does (your findings) mean that we are dealing with an agency capable of transforming energy into matter and viceversa?” and he emphatically answered “Oh yes!”

      So, what would that mean, actually? I don’t know, but I feel it does seem that whenever this ‘cultural thermostat’ need to interact with us, then it may do so through ‘avatars’ shaped up from the core materials found right here on our own planet. And once they are finished with their business, maybe they ‘revert’ those avatars into pure energy.

      OR maybe they toss them by the wayside and don’t even bother to pick up their litter. That would explain why the almighty aliens never bothered to retrieve their crashed saucers OR the pickled remains of their dead comrades from the hands of the Earthmen! 😉

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