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Tom DeLonge and Flying Saucer

“Something Extraordinary” To Be Revealed at UFO Event Masterminded by Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge

Something extraordinary is about to be revealed“, says UFO researcher Leslie Kean. She is referring to a live-streamed event being held at 9am Pacific tomorrow morning (11th October, 2017) at which “former high-level officials and scientists with deep black experience who have always remained in the shadows” will step forward to address the topic of unidentifed aerial phenomena (UAP).

According to Whitley Strieber’s Unknown Country website, the event “will feature Hal Puthoff, a longtime director of CIA/DOD and DIA research programs, Jim Semivan, former Sr. Intelligence Service, CIA Directorate of Intelligence, Chris Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Steve Justice, former Advanced Systems Director at Lockheed’s “Skunk Works” and Luis Elizondo, former Director of Programs to Investigate Unidentified Aerial Threats”.

The driving force behind the event?

It all started with award-winning platinum recording artist and producer Tom DeLonge, whose bands Blink182 and Angels & Airwaves sold over 25 million records in the 1990s. Tom spent many years studying UFOs, and essentially left his previous lucrative career to devote himself to this pursuit, using his own personal income and resources to set up an entertainment company called To The Stars (TTS). It had the goal of disseminating information about UFOs, consciousness, the paranormal and other unexplained mysteries through artistic pursuits such as fiction and non-fiction books, feature films, and television productions.

Most importantly, while doing so, Tom was gradually able to establish relationships with flag officers and other highly placed insiders in the aerospace industry, intelligence, the Department of Defense and NASA. These independent sources provided him with information about the UFO phenomenon and worked with him to develop a plan for the incremental release of this information through TTS, which would be particularly geared towards reaching younger audiences.

The event was apparently scheduled for around this time last year, but a Wikileaks release named some of DeLonge’s insiders and derailed the project for some time.

Long-time Grail readers will know to be plenty skeptical of ‘UFO events’ (*cough* Roswell Slides *cough*), and from scanning the To the Stars (TTS) website the best indication I can get is that this ‘big event’ will likely be a publicity opportunity for some fund-raising via ‘public investment’ in TTS, perhaps with some nice little hints of disclosure thrown in. The listed individuals certainly bring some insider knowledge to the table, so I’ll be interested to hear what they have to say.

Link: Inside Knowledge About Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Could Lead To World-Changing Technology

Link: Livestream of the event

  1. Hmmm
    We’ve all been burned so many times before.

    But they’re not making grand promises of categorical disclosure or irrefutable photos or alien autopsies or Peruvian mummies. This looks, interesting? Dare I say, promising? They do seem to be well organised and there are reputable people involved. Hard not to be sceptical when they are asking for money but still… Let’s see where this goes.

    1. Blueish Beam
      When they stop the “burn” then start looking for the blueish beam. It’s close to time for them to roll out the “ultimate terrorists” – the guise in the skies.

  2. “big UFO announcement… in 60 days”
    _60 days goes by_
    “I am the same as you guys, looking for the truth… just a couple of weeks more”
    _couple of weeks goes by_
    “if you knew the things I know… few more weeks”
    _few more weeks goes by_
    “we need money…”
    _shows drawing of spaceship_


    I wouldn´t be surprise if he propose a pyramid investors club.

  3. UFO = Unbelievably Fraudulent Oligarchs.

    So, a former pop-star is apparently sitting on top of one of the most exiting and important discoveries in recent history? And, he couldn’t release this “information” a year ago because of Wikileaks? This is a new prime evil. I was expecting Lizard People, Illuminati, government suppression or some such.

    Don’t hold your breath for any kind of actual “big reveal” anytime soon. Mr. Delonge has a seven-year contract with his media company, To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science, which guarantees him a minimum of 100000 dollars annually. Until he gets his 700000 or more, this cash grab will continue. In the launch event, DeLonge described this venture as a “perpetual funding machine”.

    I am going to make a prophesy here:

    Within the next 12-24 months this operation cash grab will:
    – Announce another “send us more money” disguised as a “big reveal”.
    – Someone from the said organisation will appear in Joe Rogan podcast and blame science, scientists, government, Illuminati, or Lizard People, or the new contender “Wikileaks”, for “suppressing the truth” and announce yet another big reveal, which will never arrive.
    – They will announce a shitload of merchandise (T-shirts, coffee mugs, hoodies etc).
    – They will announce a new book, or another shitty reality-TV show/”documentary”/other media format, or both. Neither will provide any new insight or evidence, but masturbate over the same tiresome garbage, which has been floating around for 60 years.
    – When pressed for any ACTUAL evidence, they will use “other dimension”, “spiritual” or “storytelling” counter argument saying that no actual proof of anything is needed.
    – There will be a mysterious, otherworldly DNA sample. The results are never going to be published because of Wikileaks, Illuminati and government. The alternative is a mysterious, otherworldly piece of metal, which will be “tested in a laboratory”, and the results are never going to be published because of Wikileaks, Illuminati and government.

    There seems to be two different prevailing aspects to the Unbelievably Fraudulent Oligarchs phenomenon: stupidity and dishonesty. There are those whom facilitate and enable this kind of bullshit because of stupidity (a misguided dogma) or dishonesty (cash grab).

    1. Yeah, it’s easy to be cynical. I’m with you most of the way. But leaving behind being a rock star in a commercially successful band for chasing UFO disclosure on $100,000 a year is not exactly a great financial decision. He may be misguided (and almost certainly is) but he appears genuine and there should be no doubt that this venture is not about the money.

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