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President Donald Trump listens during a meeting with the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani in the Oval Office of the White House, Tuesday, April 10, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

USA’s Commander-In-Chief Still Doesn’t Give a Damn About UFOs

It happened: What every Tom Delonge supporter and TTSA fanboy was dreaming of! After months of intermittent mainstream media coverage and sporadic appearances of two of TTSA’s key players (Luis Elizondo and Chris Mellon) in the president of the United State’s favorite cable news network –Fox News– the 45th occupant of the White House and most powerful man in the world has finally publicly spoken about UFOs!!

Well… sorta.

Last weekend ABC released an extensive and wide-encompassing interview between Trump and their News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos. The exchange, which was pre-recorded and covered a wide variety of trending political topics, suddenly veered into fringier territories when Stephanopoulos mentioned the latest revelations of Navy pilots having had encounters with objects that far exceeded the capabilities and maneuverability of their F-18 Super Hornet fighter jets, president Trump admitted some knowledge about it, but made it perfectly clear he wasn’t particularly interested about these incidents:

STEPHANOPOULOS: You and I, we know we disagree about that, but we have a whole day ahead to go on this. Before we go, one of the things you have as president is access to all the information all the mysteries out there I was just struck in the last couple weeks, we’re reading more and more reports of Navy pilots seeing lots and lots of UFOs. Have you been briefed on that?

TRUMP: Yeah, I have– I have.

STEPHANOPOULOS: What do you make of it?

TRUMP: I think it’s probably, uh, I want them to think whatever they think, they do say, I mean, I’ve seen and I’ve read and I’ve heard, and I did have one very brief meeting on it. But people are saying they’re seeing UFO’s, do I believe it? Not particularly.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you think you’d know if there were evidence of extraterrestrials?

TRUMP: Well, I think my great pilots– our great pilots would know. And some of them really see things that are a little bit different than in the past, so we’re going to see, but we’ll watch it. You’ll be the first to know.

Kinda anticlimactic, ain’t it?

Let’s deconstruct the conversation: The moment Stephanopoulos mentions the word “UFO” Trump’s frowned demeanor turns into a smirk, like saying “Yeah yeah, I know where you’re going with this so let’s get it over with.” Then comes his rather ineloquent response to the anchorman’s question, in which he admits he was officially briefed about these Navy encounters. That in itself may make a few UFO historians to jump and down with joy, but for a president who is notoriously averse of having to read long official documents and prefers a more, shall we say, expeditious approach to getting his information, a “brief meeting” for him would probably be the UFOlogical equivalent of an “elevator pitch.”

Also, what’s up with this “I want them to think whatever they think”? These brave men and women (who are not the employees of Trump, despite what that short Freudian slip he had on the second part of the question entails) are entrusted with keeping the United States of America secure of foreign threats –and the way TTSA and their on-going TV show Unidentified have been portraying these UFO encounters, any object capable of outmaneuvering Top Gun pilots flying in the Nation’s most advanced war machines constitutes a “potential” threat– so… shouldn’t this be something of concern for the president?

At the risk of turning this piece even more politicized than it needs to, I think the key issue here is TRUST. Donald Trump has shown time and time again he doesn’t trust the agencies in charge of providing him with the critical Intel he needs to effectively run the country, so why would he trust the Pentagon and the Navy when they tell him their personnel has encountered UFOs? At the same time that trust also goes both ways, and the Intelligence world has admitted hesitance to share sensitive information to Trump for fear he’d carelessly disclose it on a Twitter rant, or reveal it to America’s enemies –namely Russia and China. Let’s remember how former Senator Harry Reid has expressed concerns of these two countries’ alleged high level of interest in UFOs, and how they could presumably learn something from these cases which could undermine America’s military superiority. If spooks are afraid to brief Trump on issues of cybersecurity, what makes you think they would risk briefing him on even more sensitive and classified issues –like say, UFOs tampering with the United States’ nuclear readiness system and ballistic missiles?

This idea that the shadowy keepers of the “UFO secrets” view presidents as temporary residents of the White House is of course nothing new. Canadian researcher Grant Cameron has devoted a lot of time studying this aspect of the UFO problem on his website Presidential UFOs, and encounters between UFO investigators like Richard Dolan and ‘government insiders’ –if we take them at face value– would indicate the keepers ‘vet’ each and every president to see if they are fit for a ‘need-to-know’ of the most basic aspects of the (hypothetical) “secret UFO program.” Call me callous, but somehow I don’t think the Twitterer in Chief would make for a secure steward of the Cosmic Watergate…

That is of course, provided there’s actually something to protect, aside from the government’s decades-old befuddlement with a phenomenon that refuses to operate under an agenda we could logically comprehend, or that –even if someone has actually managed to make some progress in understanding the nature and/or intentions of UFOs– that those secrets are in the hands of the public sector. The new trending topic in the UFOlogical blogosphere is the “Core Secrets” document: an anonymously leaked transcript of a reunion between Eric Davis –former member of NIDS and BAASS, and currently involved with TTSA– and Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson in September of 2002, months after Wilson retired as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and J-2, Joint Staff Director of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. We’re talking about one of the biggest cheeses of America’s Intelligence community.

To make an extremely long story short, Wilson told Davis that in the late 1990’s he had managed to come in contact with one of those black-budgeted secret programs run by private contractors, who bluntly told him they were trying to reverse-engineer non-human technology with very little success, but when he demanded to be briefed on their findings they unceremoniously told him to take a hike. Understand: Wilson was already a Pentagon VIP, and if he had lived in the late 1940’s his name would have surely appeared in a list of potential MJ-12 members, and yet *he* with his credentials was unable to get access to the inner sanctum of the UFO coverup!


To this day, no one knows why –even though the “Core Secrets” story had been known for years– this document surfaced online just now. Is it a smokescreen campaign? A disinfo ploy? One of TTSA’s viral promotional campaigns? Right now all the fingers seem to point to Grant Cameron and Michael Hall, a lawyer who’s had a life-long involvement with UFO transparency. According to Hall’s answers to journalist Billy Cox, Cameron received the document and the both of them spent half a year corroborating the document’s authenticity, but Hall claims neither of them released it publicly via Imgur. The development of this story shares a certain resemblance with what happened to the original Majestic 12 papers, which were received by US researcher Bill Moore and his associate James Shandera, but were forced to go public with them before properly vetting them because they got wind that UK researcher Timothy Goode had also received a copy and was getting ready to publish them. Ego, that’s how they always get you in this field.

Dr. Eric Davis

But like the JFK assassination, the WHO is not as important as the WHY. Why is someone wanting the UFO community to talk about these decades-old affairs and imagine the possibility of shadowy elements being in possession of alien technology, and even bodies? That’s right. Aside from the “Core Secrets” transcript, another document allegedly written by Eric Davis was also released on Imgur; this one is a memo from the NIDS days directed to everyone’s favorite secretive tycoon (Robert Bigelow) informing him of how Kit Green –former head of the CIA’s “Weird Desk”– was once summoned by a Pentagon official who showed him a film that was “very similar” to the (in)famous “alien autopsy” video promoted by Ray Santilli in the late 90’s. It seems that in 2001 Green still believed the autopsy video was genuine, even though years later Santilli came clean and admitted it was a forgery, although he always maintained it was based on a “real” film that was so deteriorated it was unusable.

Great, so not only is Roswell the vampire of the UFO world, now someone also wants to resurrect the Santilli video?? And people keep wondering why this field doesn’t make any real progress…

Regardless of whether there is any truth in these unsubstantiated rumors of reverse-engineered programs protected by the secrecy of Pentagon’s black budget SAP’s –and the irony such methods were also used by Senator Reid to cover the existence of AAWSAP/AATIP should not go unnoticed– surely this was something that wasn’t covered during president Trump’s short-short briefing on the UFO subject. Whether he’ll have any more reunions to officially deal with the topic remains to be seen but I highly doubt it. Right now Trump has one major goal in mind: Get four more years in the White House, so chances are the only aliens he’ll talk about are the illegal, brown-skinned kind he wants to keep at bay with his beloved wall.

The sad fact of the matter is UFOs are one of those subjects that don’t get people elected; and it will probably remain that way unless UFOs start to directly or indirectly affect the daily lives of average Americans.

  1. In case no one’s noticed or hasn’t read any of the “below the fold” stories about overtly aggressive actions taken by Russian military pilots against US forces in the air and on the water — there is a neo-Cold War between the US and Russia that began when Putin became Russia’s leader.

    I live in the Pacific NW, where a few months ago there was an ultra high-speed unknown flying over the region. The fighters that were scrambled couldn’t catch up with it. It was simply too fast for them.

    There are several high-value military targets up here (one just a few miles down the interstate from me that has been acknowledged on Russian TV as a prime target in the event of a war between the US and Russia, reported by The Seattle Times in a front page story).

    Logic dictates that a large percent of the UFOs now seen near US Navy ships and US military installations could well be Russian intelligence overflights by highly sophisticated, advanced aircraft able to elude radar (I don’t for one minute believe only the US has stealth technology or the most advanced aircraft in the skies).

    Thus, there’s a new military emphasis on UFOs because pilot visual reports increase in importance when even the most advanced radar can fail, in some circumstances, to detect foreign military aircraft. Forget all the woo woo theories about UFOS , this is most likely about nuts and bolts advanced terrestrial aircraft.

    Trump doesn’t care much because he’s in Russia’s pocket. But the US military does. It will still need to stand guard long after he’s gone.

  2. Turned what could have been a great article, into another dig at your President. Went from UFO’s to hinting that Trump is not to be trusted in other areas. Look, no President has ever given a really serious response to UFO questions from the press. I recall (and you can see it on YouTube) when Oboma appeared on a late night talk show and was asked exactly the same thing. He responded by making a joke about it that got a lot of laughs. Jimmy Carter famously said he would check into the whole UFO thing when he became President. Nothing came of it. Maybe the truth is that the President knows nothing about the facts behind UFOs. No President is ever going to come out and treat the subject the way we think it should be treated. It’s all probably classified on a “need to know basis” and unless executive decisions need to be make, even the President doesn’t have that need to know. Why is it so difficult to understand that the powers of a President are not unlimited. Just as he can’t wake up one morning and decide to order a nuclear strike on some nation, he also can’t burst into the Pentagon and start demanding access to every classified document in the place. It’s very likely Trump knows nothing about the reality behind UFOs, and so respond to these kinds of question the way his personality works. Oboma made a joke when asked. Trump made a smirk. It’s all the same stuff. The military will continue to keep watch over the skies as they are supposed to, and they will probably keep what they know a secret for their own reasons. It will take a highly public display of “alien technology” along with clear high definition videos to bring about a change. Dont expect disclosure to start with the President. It won’t.

  3. I’m Mexican. Trump is not *my* President 😉

    Yes, Obama made a joke when asked about UFOs. Something we commented upon in the past.

    Here the difference was that, for perhaps the first time ever, a US President was admitting to have been officially briefed on the subject… and nothing came out of it. Either because Trump doesn’t care about the subject, or the short brief wasn’t convincing enough to make him believe this was something worth his time. And if that’s the case, it begs the question on whether Intelligence agencies deliberately withheld information from him for fear he would spill the beans.

    It makes you wonder: Did they simply show him the same stuff we’ve seen… or did they actually show him something else, like those HD versions of the gun camera footage everyone mentions but no one has seen because they were “confiscated” by shadowy men, according to the Nimitz witnesses.

  4. Miguel – “I’m Mexican. Trump is not *my* President ?” LOVE

    Viva Mexico. For my part, you’re all welcome in the US without reservation any time you want to come. That is, if you want to come.

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